13 Google My Business Optimization Tips To Rank Higher In 2019

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Google My Business is the very best advertising alternative for small enterprise. In this video we’ll break down 13 Google My Business Tips To Optimize Your Listing in 2019 that can assist get your enterprise to the highest of Google.

As a advertising marketing adviser and coach, these are a number of the similar precise ideas I give my purchasers.

Let’s get began:

#1 Encourage opinions from prospects 1:06
Whitespark Google Review Link:

#2 Order Small Thanks Package from Google 2:47
Order your market economy package deal:

#3 Reply To All Reviews 3:55
Blue Carona’s Tips For Responding to Negative Reviews:

#4 Order A Quality Virtual Tour 6:56
Hire A Google Trusted Pro:

#5 Make Product Based Google Posts 9:41
When you make Product Google Posts, they are going to seem in GMB underneath the “Products” tab in cellular.

#6 Optimize Google My Business Description 11:47
Utilize all characters. Include key phrases (phrases and phrases your prospects are looking for) that you’d wish to present for in Google.

#7 Fill Out Your Attributes (and monitor) 13:32
Display details about your enterprise in GMB Listing. Google is fixing on a regular basis so it’s good to examine in each few months.

#8 Review Google My Business Insights (Analytics) to check measure of images with rivals 15:51
Keep including images and ennobling prospects so as to add images till you’re 10x’ing your rivals!

#9 Download Google My Business App 18:44


#10 Upload Videos 20:58
Both masterful and genuine movies!

#11 Add Secondary Categories 23:52
Determine if your enterprise may use Secondary Categories to inform Google extra details about your enterprise.

#12 Study Your Insight Queries 26:45
Little extra superior. See what kinda searches your enterprise is exhibiting for. Type these into Google, see the place you rank inside the native Three pack. Make posts about these key phrases.

#13 Turn On Messaging (AKA Chat) 30:32
This will fill out your Listing extra on Google. And enable prospects to content you throughs yours (or one other workers) cellphone.

That wraps up the 13 Google My Business Optimization Tips. What tip are you engaged on or battling? Let me know inside the feedback under.

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13 Google My Business Optimization Tips To Rank Higher In 2019


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  1. Hi Blake,

    Thanks for the very thorough video.

    I've got a question:

    To make a long story short – I own/operate a coffee roastery out of an indoor farmers market.

    The farmers market is open on saturdays only – which means that I serve customers (B2C) only during those open hours as a cafe.

    Throughout the week I'm there working but not consistently enough to have open hours – so on GMB it only shows that we're open on Saturdays.

    We've linked our website to GMB, so people can visit it and order coffee BUT that red "closed" notification throughout the week turns a lot of people off in terms of contacting us (or thinking they can contact us).

    *My question is: do you have a suggestion to solve this problem?*

    **goal: drive more traffic/sales onto the website**

    I've recently (2 days ago) opened a second GMB account under the same company name with the addition of 'Coffee Roastery", with no address, and stated that we're open 24/7. This might not be ideal and in fact possibly confusing, but I don't know how else to tackle this issue

  2. Thank you best I have found on You tube, Am in Sunny Cyprus and google is just starting to get going here , I own a restaurant and seem I have lost out on the free starter pack as only get it from USA any suggestions would be great , Thanks Chef Dean

  3. Blake:

    I am so glad to see that you are doing so well, this is Nelson Lai. I started subscribing to you when you have less than 100 views, and now, close to 20K, very imporessive.

    I have multiple offices in NYC area, and would love to get your insights on how to optimize GMB when you have multiple locations, can you kindly share your thoughts?.

    This is the no good version (the link below, I am looking for guidance to update it), like creating a set of address for each location and looking to create a separate webpage for each of them, however, I would prefer to find what you have said in the video & follow it to the dot.

  4. Thank you Blake for these wonderful tips on how make GMB work more me. I’m most definitely gonna give them a try. Post more pictures and look into my query’s to see how I can boost my business.
    Much appreciated!!! ???

  5. Hi, great video. Very helpful. How can I create an Interior Virtual Tour such as that one you show. Anytime I google it, it shows me the 360 photos. Not the walkthrough. Any links or tutorials on this would be great. Thanks

  6. It’s a bold statement saying GMB is the best marketing opportunity for small businesses. You are terribly wrong to generalize as much. I hope the people that hired you as an marketing consultant got their money’s worth.

    You really don’t provide value besides very little overplayed things.

    My comment might seem rude but trust me that I’m not trying to put you down. Just giving my opinion.

  7. Hi Blake. Thank you very much for your help. I have a question if you mind answering it will definitely help me a lot. If we search for prospects in a non English speaking country should we search on google maps in their language or in English?

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