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22 Recurring Income Affiliate Programmes

We’ve compiled a list of cyberspace marketing assort programs that pay revenant defrayals. Most but not all pay these commissions for as long as your referrals stay with the service.

Many of these programs offer a free trial period, making them easy to promote. Simply offer your readers ‘X’ number of free days of ‘Y’ service to try it out for themselves.

This list is just to get you started, and is by no means exhaustive.

And spell we’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, programs and the commissions they pay can change literally overnight. So delight explore these for yourself and by all means choose only the ones that are an first-class fit for you and your readers.

Answer Base

– Q. and A. package that can grow search engine dealings likewise as cutting down on client service requests. Pays 50% of first defrayal, 15% life commissions.


– Makes it easy for online merchants to have their own store. Pays 25% life commissions.


– The godfather of all autoresponder services, the name much speaks for itself. Pays 30% life commissions.

Click Funnels

– Russell Brunson’s program to build entire gross sales funnels, start to finish. Commissions are 40% per calendar month or year, which adds up really fast considering he charges $97-$297 per calendar month for the service.

Convert Kit

– Email marketing for blogging professionals. This is a terrific autoresponder for bloggers and marketers, and pays 30% commissions.


– Reputed web hosting company offering premium hosting and a dedicated version of WordPress called DreamPress. Make $97 per referral or 10% revenant, likewise as $5 for each referral your referrals get.

Elegant Themes

– Offers premium WordPress themes and plugins. Pays 50% commission, and you get paid again when your referrals renew their licenses.

Get Response

– Another great autoresponder, offering a 30 day free trial which is an first-class marketing tool for you, the assort. Pays 33% life commissions.


– Multiple social account direction tool. Pays 15% revenant for 12 calendar months.


– Conversion tracking and analytic tool to track organic dealings and ad campaigns. Pays 50% on first defrayal, 10% revenant.

Lead Pages

– A very popular landing page creator. To be an assort you need to sign on for the service. Pays 30% commissions.


– Measures your advertising return on invested capital with better and more elaborate tracking. 20% life commissions.


– Q. and A. package that integrates with WordPress and can be embedded on your Facebook fan page. Pays 50% commissions and other 10% on their two-tiers program.


An SEO and SEM tool with high conversions. Pays 40% revenant commissions.


An ecommerce platform that offers total control over the look and feel of your online store. Pays 20% commissions.

Drives conversions through content curation by adding a call-to-action to every link you share. Pays 20% commission.


– Social tool for programing posts, acquiring social insights, monitoring bigeminal accounts on one dashboard. Pays 40% revenant plus 5% from referral revenue.

Social Pilot

– This is a social media mechanization tool, popular among entrepreneurs and bloggers. It lets you docket updates on bigeminal social-media accounts, likewise as auto-publishing victimisation RSS. Pays 30% commission.


– Pinterest programing tool for tracking, rising your pins and programing. Saves time, gains more blog dealings from Pinterest. Pays 15% revenant and $0.20 per free trial.

TD Web Services

– Managed WordPress hosting, business hosting and dedicated servers. Pays 35% commissions.

Thrive Themes

– Offers a suite of products for bloggers and cyberspace marketers who use WordPress. Their specialty is conversion optimisation and their products sell well. Pays 50% commissions on purchases and 25% revenant commissions.


– Local inbound marketing services and SEO package. Pays 20% life commissions.

The very best method for promoting these programs is to first use them yourself. Then you can give a first-hand accounting of what you like about the programs, and why you’re recommending them to your readers.

Of course there are plenty of revenant defrayal assort programs in other niches besides Internet Marketing. Whatever niche you’re in, make a search, find two or three you dead love, and promote them like crazy.

Soon you’ll be earning calendar monthly income for referrals you made weeks and even calendar months ago.

22 Recurring Income Affiliate Programmes

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