5 Time Saving Tips For Marketing With Content

Content marketing is a popular method because it utilizes many of the channels that work best for marketers. It is one way of spreading your business or website wide so you can get exposure quickly, but it takes some work and dedication to get all the tasks done.

Content marketing is a general term for using various forms of media in both your advertisements and your website to reach out to more people and make a bigger impression. The media can be social media, newsletters, blogging, etc.

Although many business owners will agree that marketing with content is important, there is always the question of how to find the time to do it all. Here are 5 time saving tips for Marketing with Content.

  1. Schedule your tweets with HootSuite

Write out a group of tweets for Twitter. If you want to tweet 3 times a day, Monday to Friday, then write out 60 tweets. Open a FREE account with HootSuite and schedule your tweets in one shot for the month. This way you don’t have to log in to Twitter 3 times a day.

  1. Schedule your newsletter in advance

If your newsletter goes out twice a month, write up a few issues at a time and set it up in your email newsletter program. Most email newsletter programs like Constant Contact allow you to schedule your newsletter in advance. Until the newsletter goes out to your readers you will always have the opportunity to make updates and revisions if necessary.

  1. Schedule your blog post in advance

Blogs are important as they drive traffic to your website and let you interact with visitors and customers. Blog software like WordPress allows you to schedule your blogs in advance.

  1. Use RSS Graffiti and TweetFeed to synchronize your blog post to social media.

Work with FREE applications like RSS Graffiti for Facebook and TweetFeed for Twitter to synchronize your blog to your social media accounts. This way each time your blog is published it will be sent out automatically to Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Hire a Ghostwriter to write your blogs

If you are wondering where to find the time to write out all of this content – hire a ghostwriter. There are many agencies out there that provide ghostwriting services for reasonable prices. Do some research online and you will find some.

What you want to make sure of when you start with a new writer is to set aside some time to speak with them. You want to make sure they clearly understand the type of message you are trying to get out with your posts and that they have a good idea of who your target audience is. Once they get this idea and start writing for you, they will be better able to write out articles that are in your voice.

Once you get the hand of marketing with content online, you will see an increase in traffic to your website as people love access to free information.

5 Time Saving Tips For Marketing With Content

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