Confessions Of A MLM “Whistleblower”

One of the most thought-provoking and thrilling films you’ll ever see was Michael Mann’s 1999 classic The Insider. Simply put, the story centered around one man who told the truth and another who reported the story. Sadly, both paid the price.

The Insider is the true tale about a Big Tobacco scientist (Russell Crowe) who exposed industry secrets, and the newsman (Al Pacino) who fought corporate forces that would have squelched the story. It offers a glimpse into power, media and money in America.


I highly doubt that by telling the truth about the network marketing industry that I’m going to get calls from (acclaimed film director Michael Mann) trying to secure the movie rights to this series of articles. And while I would be flattered to have Russell Crowe portray me, I can guarantee you that would be creative casting indeed. But there are parallels nonetheless. 


In the movie (except for Pacino’s character) hardly anyone paid attention to Crowe’s character’s claims against the tobacco industry. I’ve encountered the same resistance with regards to my “whistle blowing” about MLM. Like in the movie, most people don’t want to listen because they’re in denial. After all, to borrow from Al Gore, they are both “inconvenient truths”.


It is my sincere hope that by reading this article, you’re not “most people”.


If together, we were to climb to the top of a mountain and look out onto the vast network marketing landscape so as to get a snapshot of what’s happening in the industry right now, it would NOT be a pretty sight, and here’s why:


The traditional MLM and Network Marketing industry has become “infected” in that every 6-12 months, tens of thousands of people (once called “MLM junkies” because they hop from program to program) are herded and traded like cattle and moved from one company to another.


And just when you think you’ve found a program you can call home and finally sink your teeth into … BAM! The vicious cycle starts all over AGAIN. Some people may be fortunate enough to get ahead of the income curve for a little while if they have the money, time, and energy, but it’s only a short respite before they’ll have to move again … And again … AND AGAIN!


Right now, network marketers are struggling with life preservers just to keep their head above water as the ship is going down. (If you’ll allow me yet another movie reference: Do you recall the classic scene from the 1997 film Titanic which featured all the survivors struggling for their lives in the freezing water after the ship has sunk?) It’s a sign of the times as record numbers of new distributors are hopping on and off the “MLM Merry-Go-Round”.


And the Internet and its many social media outlets (aka Web 2.0) has caused people that participate in traditional MLMs to become obsessed with “getting in on the ground floor”, “pre-launches”, “the next big thing”, and anything else that revolves around timing… Thus assuring things will never go back to the way it was in the past when company loyalty was much more in vogue.


When something “newer, bigger, better, and easier” comes along, people get distracted and jump ship, thinking that the grass is always greener somewhere else.


It’s similar to musical chairs… When the music stops, networkers scramble to find a seat in the next brand new MLM pre-launch, thus “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and destroying their last program from the bottom up in the process!


The solution isn’t in joining an opportunity with a better comp plan, a better product, or a better system. But this has resulted in MLM companies (and distributors) to stoop to the lowest of marketing levels with all kinds of back-stabbing, name calling and lawsuits.


Now before we go any further “down the rabbit hole”, I want to make it clear that I’m not a dream stealer. If you’re currently in a business and it’s working for you, congratulations are in order. I’m simply stating the facts as I know them to be, based on real life experience, not theory.


If you don’t believe this is a problem of epidemic proportion, I invite you to ask yourself a personal question… After all YOUR years in Network Marketing, what do you have to show for it?


Has the time, effort and money you’ve invested in past business opportunities to date generated a reciprocal result in terms of income and momentum for you and your family?


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself WHY this happens to you and virtually EVERYONE you know in this industry time and time again?


Most importantly, what will be different tomorrow or the next time you join yet another MLM or Network Marketing opportunity?


I believe it comes down to understanding that true and lasting residual income is created ONE WAY and one way ONLY: Customer acquisition and customer retention. Because it’s real customers reordering a consumable product or service that makes building long-term residual wealth a possibility.


You can choose to “work hard for money,” or you can work smarter and “have your money work hard for you.”


Either way, the choice is yours and it always has been. That being said it’s imperative that you gather as much information as you can so that you can honestly evaluate the long term profitability of ANY legitimate home business opportunity. To do so there are many objective factors to consider so therefore to assist you in doing this I recommend you download the FREE report at: Skipping this could be a HUGE financial misstep because there’s no escaping this sobering fact: Over 97% of the people who join any home-based business fail. During this frustrating journey, the overwhelming majority of them spend much more than they ever make, so be sure to do everything you can to prevent becoming yet another statistic.

Confessions Of A MLM "Whistleblower"

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