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Dead Simple Keyword Research with Google Adwords Keyword Tool (PT2)

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Here s how you can do key phrase analysis utilizing the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to determine what subjects your web site must be about. This will show you how to break down your area of interest, and decide what issues you ll need to resolve to your web site guests!One of the important thing expertise of affiliate entrepreneurs is to determine how you can analyze key phrase knowledge.The google adwords key phrase software is your finest pal.Learn the distinction between precise match and broad match searches.Exact match = the precise key phrase phrase somebody varieties into google or youtube.Broad match = key phrase phrases they ve your key phrases in them someplace.Mastering key phrase analysis offers you the keys to free site visitors. Free site visitors comes from mastering search engine optimization (rating for key phrases which might be being looked for).Also, try my newest video on how you can generate income on-line in 2020. This is all the newest and biggest stuff:

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  1. I went to AdWords and found out how to get past the "paywall." It asks you to make an ad before getting to your account to use AdWord Plannar tool, so I called them and they did not help me bypass it, but rather told me to put in my credit card info and just pause the ad once I got in. Just do this, if you don't they will pry into your business and give you a sales pitch on how to spend money for paid traffic, etc, etc. Just put in the credit card to avoid the hassle, they didn't help anyways. I made an ad for 1 dollar, and then paused it when I got in. It goes for "Review" anyways which could take a full business day to process, so you won't even spend that 1 dollar.

  2. Is there any way you can show us the updated way on how to do it? I see you are stating to proceed like we are going to set up a campaign, but it would be SO MUCH EASIER if you could visually show us? Maybe you can make an updated youtube video on the subject. That would be awesome! Thank you. (I purchased your course and this is a completely new item for me and this is where I am a stuck).

  3. Don't you want high searches with low competition? A lot of what you were choosing had high competition.

  4. I love your very easy to understand and follow presentation! Thank you 🙂 Like others below, I also do not get the same screen (i.e. blue chart) on Adwords; I do get the volume data though. Just doesn't look as cool as your screen. Thanx again 🙂

  5. In my adwords account, it only shows broad search volumes like 1K – 10K, 100 – 10K, and so on. It no longer shows me the actual number. How can I get the actual #/volume to show?

  6. How can I see the blue columns? I'm missing this view and also noticed that you have this little icon there, of a graph, in between the 'columns drop down' and 'Download'. How do I get this? My Keyword planner, basically skips this graph icon, hence I can't see the blue columns. Any ideas? thanks

  7. Hey I signed up for adwords. I thought it was free, but then I was charged $200 per day? I don't know why this happened.

  8. thanks for the value you dole out and for helping me understand the usefulness of being on the GIVING side of things.

  9. I'm just now stumbling upon your videos.. With the couple I've watched so far I can easily say that I have learned more from these couple videos than I have watching TONS of other people videos. Thanks!

  10. Dan, any reason why I am unable to see the bar graph for the previous 12 months when searching for a keyword? I get this message where the graph should be, "This page shows ranges for search volumes. For a more detailed view, set up and run a campaign"

  11. Hi Dan, Thanks for this valuable information. Google Adwords is currently showing me a range of Avg. monthly searches like 10k – 100k instead of a number like 39,470 in this video. Is there some setting I need to change in there? if yes, where is it located?

  12. Dead beat dad,,
    Hi, I just learned about your program and your YouTube channel very interesting I like what I'm seeing but with this ad send is that working anymore I haven't even tried it yet this is all new to me and I'm in the curve the learning curve I hope to hear back from you is there a way we can have a phone conversation

    This YouTube channel we are creators community, I wanted to be for us YouTube content creators to help build knowledge and understanding and create a community where we help one another succeed on the YouTube platform so I'd really like to speak with you on the phone if that's doable thank you Ken

  13. Are you solve this problem that everybody's having what's the alternative? Look forward to hearing from you Ken

  14. I have life and I have joined your community but I'm reading comments and it looks like they're having some issues…

  15. I dont know what they did, but the site looks nothing like this anymore. I don't know if they moved it somewhere crazy, but there's no longer a graph showing any sort of historical data. Only what future costs would potentially be. Makes no sense, and it's irritating. If anyone could help, that'd be greatly appreciated.

  16. I am also having to go through all the adword ad set up. This apparently needs to be done after I get a site up and running right? It wants a website and i just started program today. I apparently can't use this to find a popular niche because it wants me to set up for an established site as I go right? I,m obviously confused! Are there 2 year old vids even applicable in 2018? Help please.

  17. after i made up a fake website, and several other falsities to support my fake web sight that is required to open and account with adword. there is a minimum of $1.64 per day to sign up. $30something per month to sign up. i called google and asked for help 3 different time on 3 different day. and never got a direct answer. but a confusing run around about how i need to talk to some one else. and never able to connect to the other department they spoke of . what do i do now. this is the dead end to the free service,

  18. Hey deadbeat Dan ,I was wondering when in Google AdWords or trends ,and searching for these keywords are we supposed to look for low competition or high?

  19. So inspiring i want to start my affiliate programe but i dont know how i will follow your video thanks man

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