Do Not Try To Copy The Major Brands In Your Marketing Efforts

I have used the example before of a blind archer shooting blindly in the fog trying to hit a target. He knows his prey is “out there somewhere” but he cannot see where they are at. So he just shoots blindly into the fog hoping to hit something. He has a limited supply of arrows, but he is hoping one of them will work.

I likened that to spending money blindly ‘hoping’ to get a sale or a new sign up to your podcast or service.

Many new business owners, podcasters, etc. do the same thing.

They have seen the “big boys” doing it and figure that is what they need to do as well.

What they do not realize is the big boys have spent huge sums of money on building their brand. Building their audience. Building their company. They have advertising budgets that may exceed your entire month of income! Maybe even an entire year’s worth of income!

How do you compete against that?

Well, that’s what I’m going to share with you right now!

The answer (get out a pen and paper) and right down this question: “How do I compete with the guru’s in my niche or industry?”

Do you have that written down?

Now, here is the answer. Get ready to write (are you ready)?

Here is the answer: You don’t!

I can hear you now, “WHAT? I thought you were going to give us the answer on how to compete with these guys?”

I just did! You don’t compete against them!

You must realize your job, right now, is to build your audience. Build your base. Build your own tribe of raving fans. You cannot do that if you try to mass market on a shoe string budget.

Why do you think FB allows you to narrow your ad audience?

Why do you think golf gear suppliers advertise in golf related magazines?

Why do you think investment companies for stocks, retirement income, etc., advertise in financial publications?

Because they are zeroing in and targeting a specific audience!

That is what you need to do!

Do not spend $1 of your advertising budget (whatever it may be) until you can identify the exact person you are trying to reach.

This person is called by various names, but avatar is popular right now.

For example, if you starting a dog walking business, would you target football enthusiasts or pet enthusiasts?

Would you target families with teenage kids or would you target people who work and need their pets cared for during the day?

Would it be wise to advertise in places where people look as they are booking their vacations? Probably! They need someone to take care of their dogs while they are gone!

If you fail to take your time and adequately narrow down your advertising efforts to ONE SPECIFIC PERSON, you will be wasting your time and your money and it could ruin any chance you have of succeeding in your growing your podcast or your business.

For example: Let’s say you are start a podcast that discusses tips on more effective babysitting. You are then referring them to your website for information on your babysitting scheduling service.

Your target audience is actually two-fold…

First, you are targeting households that have young children. This usually means the parents (or “parent” if a single parent) needs a babysitter. But, who should they get? Their child or children are their most precious asset. They may know of a few teenagers, but can they really trust them?

Next, you need someone who is looking to make some extra money from babysitting. Typically, teenagers, but it could be young adults needing some extra cash.

To promote your podcast (which then directs them to your website), you need to promote your podcast in places that are frequented by parents of young children and also teenagers looking at making some extra money from babysitting.

That could mean church bulletin boards, recreation centers, etc. It could be FB ads targeting these groups specifically.

You can offer the parents something like, “Trained babysitters who have passed our background checks and have been trained in taking care of toddlers to young adolescents. We teach our babysitters how to properly change diapers; they will provide basic meal preparation and do the dishes before you return home. They will ensure your youngsters go to bed at the time you prescribe for them. They will bring age appropriate games with them if you want them too. You don’t have to pay the babysitter. We work with you on the fees and then we will pay the babysitter. That eliminates the awkwardness of “how much do I owe you?” type of situations. I don’t know – I’m just making this up as an example. But you get the picture.

You would hit all of the points that concerned parents would be looking for in a reliable babysitter.

Next, you would target the babysitters themselves. Something like, “Are you looking for consistent, reliable income through babysitting in and around your own neighborhood? We will train you in advanced techniques of babysitting that will set you above and beyond your peers. We will arrange scheduling for you and ensure your clients pass our background check. We will provide you with age appropriate games you can take with you to entertain your young clients. We will handle all the billing for you so all you have to do is show up! You pay us no fees for this training (or you can charge for the training if you like, it’s up to you). The parents pay us for scheduling this service.

Do you see how that would better than just an ad that says, “Child care services provided. Call for details?”

What do you usually see in newspapers, etc. That exact ad. “Call for details.”

But, if you are already giving them the details, you have now pre-qualified your potential listeners and prospects!

You simply need to reach your target audience with your ads.

With the ad I just described, ONLY those who are interested will respond. And they will be responding about 80% ready to do business – on both ends, the parents and the babysitters!

Do Not Try To Copy The Major Brands In Your Marketing Efforts

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