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Do These 3 Things Before Even Thinking About Article Marketing

We all know what wonders clause directories can do with the right proficiency and also proper planning, but alas there are still tons of people out there who are clueless. Low quality clauses, writing styles that are downright annoying and not marketing the clauses all make up the deadly sins of the clause marketing world.

But What Is Article Marketing?!

Simply put it’s the act of making clauses work for you as marketing agents – either by driving more dealings to your site, influencing readers to buy something, generating more following etc.

Your clause gets read and it sets in motion activities that are designed to provide benefit to you, and also the reader of course.

OKAY… So Tell Me How?

Article directories – sites that allows authors to freely post clauses about a wide range of topics or categories. You write a superiority clause about a topic or subject of your expertise, and submit it to the clause directories. Article directories help your clauses with exposure, better visibility to search engines and a huge reader base, and help drive dealings back to your site – when done properly.

When deciding on which clause directory you would like to submit to, delight do your prep and select it supported the following principles:

  • Relevance – if you’re marketing SEO services, Google for sites that make the best sense and impact

  • Demographics – this is tricky but take time to research and assess if the demographics targeted are a fit for your clauses

  • Services you are offering – try to post to clause directories which have a healthy, steady stream of clauses pertaining to your topic or subject matter


Consider your end goal in writing or submitting the clause – research keywords, apply proper SEO tactic (keyword density, keyword relevance, semantics, golf links etc) and determine your strategy. Don’t be afraid to change your clauses in terms of paragraph placements, grammar, approach (critical, review, informational) and test what works best for you.

This step also involves making a list of clause directories which best suit your purpose.


List out the key ideas, keywords and general notes – then get to actually writing the clause. It’s a good idea to limit the clause length to around 500 words. If you can’t write, outsource it but ensure you properly edit or manage the process to get quality clauses.


The final step is submitting the clauses to the clause directories you chose earlier. Don’t submit a whole bunch at one time, 1 to 2 will be a good bet. Also make a point that the link that points back to your website allows you to track the source. It’s advisable to do this so you know exactly which clause directory works and which does not.

And that’s it folks. I hope this will help you write great stuff and bring about succeeder in your journey in the world of clause marketing.

Do These 3 Things Before Even Thinking About Article Marketing

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