Effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) And Keyword Advertising Without Losing Your Shirt

You may or may not know that traditional methods of marketing (emblematic items, broadcast ads, written ads, etc.) can be integral to roaring marketing on search engines. I will remain very broad in covering the topic because there are many options available to you, thenme of them will be better suited for your particular goals than others. Up front, the best advice I can give is to discuss your specific goals with a qualified Website solution provider who practices SEM and is acquainted desegregation it into Website design.

The ways to market your business (specifically your Website) via the search engines make up a drawn-out list. The pay-for-placement methods are somewhat fewer, and can be broken down into three general categories as follows:

  • You can invite out the number one spot (in the page margins) of the search engines by individual keywords. Although this rather placement may seem appealing, it is only as reliable as your advertising dollars allow. You can be outbid by person who is willing to pay more for that position.
  • You can pay-per-click (PPC) for given keywords, and dependant on your budget and the popularity of the word(s) you select, your positioning will vary. Again, this is effective in acquiring dealings, but there is a difference between person who clicks their way to your site thenmeone who makes a purchase once they’re there. (You aren’t paying-per-click for customers who buy something. You are paying just to get the visit.)
  • You can pay to advertise on other peoples’ Websites by having the search engine companies liaison between you and the other site owners. This is a comparatively newer way to advertise, paying to put out an advertisement spell other Website owners receive some search engine indexing and kickback benefits for allowing your ad to get on their sites. In possibility (and normally in practice), this is a win-win option.

Of these three general methods, keyword ad campaigns can normally be limited to a pre-specific number of dollars per calendar month (or until your account is fill agained). So you aren’t really writing a “blank check” to advertise with keywords in these ways, but you do need to manage your budget and your account carefully. Buyer beware!

I have had several clients who came to me because of keyword ad accounts that were handled poorly by their previous service provider. In the worst cases, some of them were victims of out-and-out fraud. One case particularly stands call at my mind.

I had an controller approach me with complaints that he had been disbursement $400 to $600 per calendar month for the previous 6 calendar months for 200 secure clicks to his Website per calendar month. “Wow… that’s a pretty good guarantee,” you power be thinking. And he received a report from his provider calendar monthly that supported that he was as a matter of fact acquiring that rather dealings (more than 200 hits per calendar month) from his keyword ad campaigns. His complaint, however, was that he had no new clients that came from his Website (otherwise called “conversions” from ad response to customer). The ratios of hits (impressions) to gross sales (conversions) seemed immoderately low. I was suspicious.

I did a bit of research on his Website’s performance, and what I found was disturbing (but all too common). His account was set to automatically fill again (re bill his credit card) on the 15th of calendar monthly, up to his specific maximum calendar monthly budget of $500 or so. That means that if his account balance was $250 on the ordinal of the calendar month, other $250 would be charged to him to restore his account balance to $500. Each click cost him money, and over the next 30 days his balance would incrementally be debited until it came time to fill again it on the 15th of the following calendar month. If he ever hit zero, his ad would “fall off the map,” but such a charge plan assured him that he would ne’er go beyond his budget. Sounds like a foolproof way to advertise, right? Guaranteed hits with no cost overruns! It gave him a false sense of security, and he was acquiring scammed!

When I did an analysis of his Website dealings, I saw a steady trend of visitors that came from a variety of sources, some of them from his paid-for advertising campaign. I counted about 20 to 30 hits accompanying his pay-per-click deal. Suspiciously, however, he had about 150 to 180 hits on the ordinal of calendar monthly, the day before his account fill agained. It ne’er took him down to zero, so he didn’t think anything strange was going on. But it seemed apparent that whoever was managing his account was taking advantage of his trustful nature, and he was paying for artificial hits. His reports showed over 200 hits, even as he was promised, but he was inadvertently cushioning the pockets of his account manager!

Don’t let that happen to you! I didn’t electrical relay that story to scare you or to deter you from using paid-for advertising. Really, paid ads are extremely effective in the right situations. I simply want you to realize that, like everything else with doing business online, there is often more than meets the eye. Forewarned is forearmed. Get into the game of marketing your Website, but know with a wise eye and wary wallet. The best approach is likely to get one that combines the three types of advertisements bulleted above, so you can measure which one works best for your particular campaign. You power also want to try a Text Message Marketing (TMM) portal to supplement your variable advertising budget with a flat rate option! Text Message Marketing (TMM) is a comparatively new marketing trend that appeals to millions of consumers for a number of reasons.

Most solution providers and SEM companies that have been around for aspell are well-thought-of or they wouldn’t stay in business. But you must take an active interest in the direction of your advertising budget. Ensure that your SEM provider gives you more than just a total-hits-per-calendar month report and an bill for recharging your account. You should require them to provide you with the Website analytics that show all of your dealings, the trends, the hits-per-page, hits-per-day, sources of hits (so you can ensure they’re from different addresses), keywords accustomed find you, then forth. Even if you ne’er look at the details of those reports, the fact that they are provided to you will be a deterrent to keep your SEM provider honest. They probably are honest anyway, but in the end you have to CYA (cover your assets).

Effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) And Keyword Advertising Without Losing Your Shirt

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