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About Domain Age Checker

This tools displays the approximate age of a website on the Internet and allows you to view how the website looked when it first started.

It also helps you find out the age of your competitor's domains, older domains may get a slight edge in Search Engine Rankings.


Most people probably do not know what a domain age checker is; never mind what to use them for. They are very simply a place where you can check domain age. By this we mean you can find out how long a domain or website put more simply has been running. To do this simply go to the search engine of your choice and type in domain age checker. Hit the return key and it will provide you with a list of sites to check website age or domain authority. Why not try it now, check Amazon or eBay or any site you can think of!

There are reasons you may choose to do a domain age check, and these are different depending on who is doing the check. People who are looking for some sort of service via the internet such as indexed pages or pagerank may choose to use this tool as a guide to how successful a business is. Those businesses that have been there longest are more than likely still there because they have been successful in what they are offering.

Businesses themselves also use a domain age checker or Alexa Rank Checker to help them decide where they may order advertising space. Again the most successful businesses will have been there the longest and will be more viable. They have almost certainly had more internet hits than those who have only been there a short while. Domains that have been on the internet a long while also are placed higher up the page by internet search engines.

Internet search engines such as Google it to identify those websites, which will place higher up the search list than others. More established websites that have been around for longer will be placed higher up on a search engines listing.