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About Google Index Checker

Google Index Checker tool is often used by bloggers, webmasters, and SEO strategists. This is a convenient way to speed things up considerably if you have new content that you’d like to be discovered and found in the SERPs. Website users and marketers often publish new content or posts on their web. Sometimes Google took very long time to index the content. Make sure that new content must be included in XML sitemap and then submit the sitemap to Google and other browsers. A sitemap is generated to help search engine crawlers to efficiently crawl your blog.

Why should you use this Google Index Checker?

Every user wants to make sure that whether Google has indexed their website or not because it will help them in increasing organic traffic. Google will index your web pages after the submission of your website into the sitemap. Sometimes google ignore the websites that have a large number of pages and prefer to index smaller, It happens because Google analyses the quality of content and links on websites. It will index the website that has relevant content appear to many visitors and have links that attract more traffic.

How to use this Google Index Checker?

Google Index Checker SEO tool is the very helpful tool for business owners because it gives you details how many web pages are indexed by Google. Google check every website that goes live on the Internet. It visits all the sites that exist on the web. To use this tool, your web page must be indexed on the web otherwise you will not get any results. Simply enter the URL that you want to check in the area and enter Submit button and this tool will give you result within few seconds. It will generate the result that will tell you your website is indexed or not.