Excel Magic Trick 1225: Excel/Word Mail Merge for Customer Accounts Receivable Letter or E-mail

Download File: how one can:1. (00:12) Introduction To Mail Merge with Excel and Word2. (00:53) Convert Customer Data Table in Excel to an official Excel Table in order that we will add new information and have formatting robotically seem with new information. Excel Table characteristic converts a static Excel desk to a Dynamic Table which behaves like an actual database.3. (02:20) Connect Word Letter To Excel Table with Customer Data utilizing Word Mailings Ribbon Tab, Select Recipients4. (02:47) Remove Customers with a Zero Balance utilizing Word Mailings Ribbon Tab, Edit Recipient List and the Drop Down Filter, Advanced Settings5. (03:48) Add Address Block to attach Address Data From Excel Table to Inside SAdress space of Letter6. (04:50) Look at Merged Field Code with Right-Click Method or Keyboard: Alt + F97. (05:33) Add Merged Fields to Letter for First Name, Last Name and Balance Due8. (06:37) Add Formatting to Merged Field to Show Currency Number Format9. (08:34) Finish Merge For Printing10. (08:49) Finish Merge For E-mailing11. (09:53) Test the Mail Merge and Excel Database Connection by altering knowledge and seeing that the Mail Merge is completely Dynamic and Updates Perfectly!!12. (10:54) Add New Records To Excel Table.

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  1. This is awesome, I have a question, this email will go to an individual email address, how can I send this along with a cc? In a different situation is that possible?

  2. excellent video on Mail Merge. I hope is not going to be last one on this topic. Mail Merge is a powerful tool as long as you master it.
    When you use Mail Merge with Outlook is there a way to make the subject line dynamic? For instance I would like to indicate in the subject line the name of the recipient of the email and currently this is not possible.

  3. Mike, serious question: do you think it's possible to pick up girls with excel? For example I recently made a workbook, where no matter what they write in, they get a <3. (Custom formatting "<3";"<3";"<3";"<3"). I also made one where they could write in whole numbers only in a cell (data validation), and then get a rept function to give them that many <3. I don't think I had much success with it though yet.. any suggestions? 😀

  4. excelent video! thumbs up!

    I have a question; what if i want to add a "CC" and/or "BCC" e-mail address??

  5. Sir now watching this video for the first time and I can't thank you enough. Great job may God bless you.

  6. Mr. Mike, thanks for sharing such wonderful lesson. How to add 'CC' or 'BCC' in mail merge? Please advice.

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