Expectations Vs Reality In GTA Online

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  1. 811 stands out the most in the first car meet.
    why is the reality of the complement i never expect.
    expectation trailer open wheeled
    yeyy f1 engine sounds
    supercar sound that's sped up to YES

  2. I think GTA has one of the most toxic player bases, you just have to find communities in discord servers to not worry about being blown up every 5 minutes

  3. I be walking normally next to a guy inside the casino then when I'm trying to go outside to my car I get blowned up by a c4 then get chased by an oppressor bike bruh the fuck

  4. It's annoying how some players think your gonna kill them so they shoot first then when you try to drive away they destroy your car

  5. Can I go to a meet Bro I have allot of classes. Suv, super, sports, compact, ratrods, coupes, luxury, trophy trucks, sedans, choppers, hyper bikes, quads, trikes, classic, sports classic, rat bikes, drag cars, grip cars, drift cars, race cars, rally etc

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