Fairness Cream Claims: A Hit Or A Miss?

Thanks to the Indian society’s fetish with fair skin – India is considered the biggest market for fairness solutions. From renowned actors to national level players, almost everybody seems to be endorsing fairness products. Our high list of endorsements has led companies to come out with fairness creams for both men and women.

India now has a million dollar fairness industry. However, how well these fairness creams deliver and their impact on the Indian society is yet to be understood in-depth.

Several international beauty companies have their own range of fairness creams and lotions that claim to deliver a beautiful, glowing fair skin in just a matter of weeks. The principal that works behind these imported skin care products is the melanin production and its control.

Our skin colour is decided by the structure and amount of melanin in our skin. The more the melanin production, the darker the skin colour and vice versa for the fair skin. As per the dermatologists worldwide, achieving fairness through these superficial creams is possible only up to 20% but not beyond that.

These fairness creams help block the harmful sunrays to penetrate into the skin, prevents secretion of melanin, reduces tan and thus makes skin look fairer.

While not all fairness creams might prove their mettle, some premium brands deliver what their claim through their imported face treatments. Skin care companies such as Olay and Loreal are often rated at the top for their fairness creams, lotions and serums. Years of research and scientific breakthrough has undergone their products and then comes a revolutionary product such as Olay’s natural white healthy fairness cream and Loreal’s White Perfect range of creams. These creams have often been recommended for achieving that flawless fair look, which has been the desire for many men and women.

Loreal has also come out with 20+, 30+ and 40+ anti-imperfections whitening cream. The brand believes that it is about not only fair skin, but also a beautiful flawless skin without any blemishes and imperfections, which makes up a fair skin. The cream removes the stress and pollution signs from the younger skin that is in their 20s. With their 30+ whitening cream, the brand concentrates on fine lines that start to appear along with losing fairness. The 40+ cream focuses on reducing wrinkles and bringing back the youthful glow that the skin loses at this stage.

While Indian consumer’s affair with fair skin remains a debate since ages, these creams reinforce the need to have a flawless, blemish free smooth skin rather than just fair skin marred with imperfections. These brands are certainly revolutionising the way we have been looking at fairness creams since decades.

Fairness Cream Claims: A Hit Or A Miss?

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