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Forum Link Building – Does It Work?

Lot of people winder whether forum link building works or not. Some opportunists are even engaged in full time business of selling forum backlinks preying on unsuspecting link builders that are new to the industry. Save your time and/or money on such useless link building method as it simply doesn’t work.

It might come to a shock to some as it is somewhat of a common conception that it is possible to drive a boat load of backlinks to a site or a blog with forum link building method. If we look at few key details on link building and how Google values the backlinks, we will agree that such method is nothing but mere waste of time.

A forum thread usually has 20 comments per page on average with some forums having as much as 40 comments. Where some forums impose restriction on signature links by allowing only 2 links or so, others don’t impose any such restriction on signature links meaning you can have as many links as you want on your signature.

We know by now that the quality of the backlinks is more important than the sheer volume of link. There are several factors in determining the value of the links but one most important factor is that more external links a page has, less value per link is transferred. If a forum page has on average 20 comments with each member having 4 signature links, then each individual thread page has about 80 external links just form the signatures. Not to mention the ads forum owners put on the site to monetize the forum which could be as much as 20+ external links per page.

Another point to consider is that a new thread page only stays on the front page of the forum for a short period of time. It is often not possible for Google to index that specific page and then crawl each and every single link found on that pages within this short window which means lot of your links will not even be followed by Google!

So as you can see, forum link building has hardly any impact in getting your site’s link popularity increased. SO the question is, out of all the link building methods available out there that can help your site rank well, why would you use a method that will only produce no result?

Forum Link Building - Does It Work?

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