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A ping test is used to check if your computer is connected to a network. It's commonly used to check if a computer is connected to the internet. It also determines whether the computer you are checking is connected to the internet and the delay between two computers. A ping test is run to a server to check the latency between the computer running the ping test and the server.

People who are computer savvy know how to run a ping test without using a utility or tool to run it. They will go to the command on their computer and enter the ping command and name any website in it. The result will display the milliseconds it takes to exchange a packet with the website. It displays four results.

Some internet speed tests also show the results of the ping in establishing a connection to a server. A good internet speed test will try to establish connections with three or four servers. The server which has the lowest connection time is used to run the internet speed test.


It is really frustrating that search engines are not indexing all pages of your website.

Indexing procedure may be longer than a few weeks. If you are consistently adding new content to your site, it is essential to get it indexed. An affiliate marketer has to propel search engines to crawl and index each page of your website. For this purpose, you have to ping your site.

Pinging your site is equivalent similar to yelling that you have updated your website. Ping is a test or a networking utility program to check if a host is accessible. Use of online ping website tool can speed up crawling and indexing. It will send a message to search portals that your website has new content. This tool can be successfully used for any website with new content.


Online Ping Tool is easy for affiliate marketing companions. The ping tool alerts different search engines and sites. It is a good practice to ping your website to make a noticeable difference in the indexing of new content of your website. This tool allows you to increase the ranking of a website and increase traffic. The results may vary, but you will get good outcomes of pinging.

Before pinging, it is essential to know these things:

  • You will need the best website ping tool after updating your website. Extra pings can be dangerous for your site. A few services may block your IP address.
  • Feel free to ping your site on a regular basis, such as ping it after adding new content.
  • Regular updates are essential for your site. You must update your website almost once a week.

Online Ping Website Tool is free for everyone. You can enter almost 10 RSS URLs or Pages. This tool allows you to monitor websites, devices and network connections. The tool uses ICMP (internet control message protocol) to reach network devices and computers. It can verify whether an IP address exists and accept requests from the web.


The ping website tool enables you to monitor different network devices and websites, and track their time of round trip, TTL (time-to-live) and the number of received packets. You can get valuable information through this data about the availability of a website or a device.

Ping website tool allows you to monitor the response time of your web closely. It measures TCP connection time, redirection time and response time of a website. With this data, you can estimate the time required to load your website and optimize the site for enhanced performance. The tool fetches essential details about the DNS records of a site.

Solve Network Path Issues

The online ping website tool tracks the path of a network from a source to host. You may get details about data packets and time for round trip. These details will help you to decipher each possible latency.

It is easy to monitor websites and network devices with the best website ping tool. You can scan for different open ports and view details of the SSL certificate of each website.


Pinging is an act to inform search engines and directories that your website has new content. The process is simple; just enter a URL of your site in ping website tool free, press “Ping Now” button and the site will be pinged on the net.

Once you ping your website, search engines are ready to do several things. Pinging will send a signal to search engines that there is an activity on your site. It invites maximum bots to your website for crawling and indexing the updates. It can increase the importance and status of your site.


It is essential because of the indexing method of search engines. Instead of indexing your whole website, search engines go through each page of your site. It will help them to redirect people to their desired information on your website.

Pinging can increase traffic on your website. Online ping website tool is suitable for each business. After writing new content, you must ping the original pages of your site. It is good to increase the value of your website.