Free Viral Marketing Plan For Your New Small Business Start Up

Every small business start up should have a viral marketing strategy as an essential component of its promotional arsenal.

Did you know that every single day, billions of people search the internet for information, to order products and services, to socialize, de-stress, etc? If you can name it, people all over the world are searching for it online. In fact, over 74% of Americans (or just under 228,000,000 people) actively scour the seas of cyberspace, according to Nielsen Online. Many of these searchers may be looking for a business just like yours!

With that to consider, how can you afford not having an online presence and an effective viral marketing system for building your small business start up? Now that we’ve established that an online strategy is a must, let’s explore how to create a simple, but effective “word-of-mouth” campaign in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Define Your Audience

Who is your ideal customer? I know it sounds simple, but it is the first place to start. Laser target your promotional message to provide solutions.

Example: You clicked on this article because I effectively defined you (a small business start up entrepreneur) as my intended target.

Step 2: Fine Tune Your Competitive Edge

Why should a potential customer choose your product or service over the competition? Communicate your unique selling proposition, or USP

Example: Remember FedEx’s slogan from the 80’s? (“When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight”.) Your USP should embody who you are and what you have to offer.

Step 3: Get People Talking About Your Stuff!

Here are a few good and absolutely free viral marketing tactics to help you get the word out.

#1. Generate Buzz.

–Do you have a great product or service? Give it away free. This method is very effective in securing key viral marketing talking points.

#2. Hire a Team of Commissioned Sales Reps.

–Affiliate Marketing Programs are a great way to motivate other online entrepreneurs to “get talking” about your small business start up. Be sure to offer generous compensation for best results.

#3. Distribute Newsworthy Press Releases.

–Capitalize on current events! Use the headlines to pitch your product or service from a news angle. For best results, send out a fresh news release every month. Repetition and consistency will help you gain valuable, search engine boosting back links, as well as media attention over time.

#4. Write Online Articles

–Secure visibility and exposure by submitting articles to online article sharing sites. This is one of my favorite viral marketing strategies.

#5. Micro-blog Your Heart Out!

–Share your buzz with the world by regularly posting comments on relevant, high ranking blogs. Be sure to observe the rules of etiquette here.

#6. Add a “Share this Webpage” Feature

–Encourage your website visitors to pass your information on to colleagues, family and friends.

Check out for a free tool.

Would you like more free tools to help you succeed as a small business owner? Join the National Association of Small Business Professionals today. Membership is absolutely free. You’ll also receive 5 free business start up ebooks when you join.

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Free Viral Marketing Plan For Your New Small Business Start Up

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