Generate Dental Business With Direct Mail Marketing

No matter how long you have been in your dental practice you need to have a consistent flow of patients coming through your door. There should be a mix of new, inactive, current and referred patients. Use direct mail marketing campaigns, directed specifically to each of these segment’s necessarily, to increase the flow through your office door.

There is no other marketing medium that is as local, as targeted or as proactive. Direct mail marketing goes right to the head of house and says, “Look at me, why wait, you need my services now!” Say this to the right audience and with as much frequency as possible, with your design of building relationships with life-long patients.

Find The Right Patient For Your Dental Practice

The two things you are always short on are time and money. When you miss your target market you are wasting both. For your direct mail marketing to be cost effective you need to pick a target audience, or your niche, to focus on. By marketing to your target audience, who you know already have a need for your Dental services, you forthwith increase your campaign’s likelihood of achiever.

Your current patient database is a gold mine for this campaign since your best potential dental patient will be like your existing patients. Analyze who you are seeing in terms of age, geographic location, family size, etc. Understand the demographics of your current patients and you will be able to focus in on your niche.

It is well understood that it takes at to the last-place degree seven impressions before you and/or your Dental practice is recognized. Plan your direct mail marketing campaign with 8-10 postings to go beyond being recognized and get in to being ‘top-of-mind’ in your profession.

Generate a posting list and send back 8-10 postings inside a three calendar month time frame.

Introduce yourself.
Introduce your dental practice and that you are their local Dentist.
Make sure you appear different from what other people are doing and give customers a real reason to choose you over a competitor.
Educate recipients about dental health or dental hygiene.
Let them know if you are offering any incentives to first time patients.

Reactivate Existing Patients

The ‘inactive’ and ‘unfinished treatment’ segments inside your practice are there waiting for you to be in contact with them. The number one reason why patients don’t return to your office is not because they don’t like you, it is because you let them forget about you.

Start a drip marketing campaign to this segment. This entails consistent calendar monthly or bi-calendar monthly contact to

-remind them of their unfinished work,

-explain why it is important for them to ‘come back and see you’, and

-what you will also provide when they come in. (Discount, new product, etc.)

Nurture Existing Patients

You have worked too hard to get your patients, so contact them often. Try to define what your patients wants, instead of what you have to sell. Increase the frequency of mail to them to ensure they will return for future visits.

Create offers that up sell the dental procedure or treatment they just had.
Follow-up after a dental treatment or procedure to ensure its achiever and their comfort.
Introduce them to new services you offer you bet it will benefit them. Do not assume they know about these just because they were just in your office.
A individualal touch is to send back a mailing-card on your patient’s birthday.
Implement a referral reward system.

Referrals Show Off Your Success

Patients are also your superlative marketing tool. When it comes to winning referral business you need to create an current program to generate referrals from them.

Let them know you’re open to receiving referrals.
Ask for referrals at any ‘point of contact’ with your patients including after an appointment, on the telephone, the back of business card game, or through your newsletter.
Send out a mailing-card for each appointment that day.

1. Thank them for their business.

2. ASK if there is anyone else they know who necessarily your service.

Provide a valuable incentive such as a gift card or credits towards their next visit.

Here is a sample referral request statement:

Do You Know How Many People You Know?

Your family, In-laws, friends, neighbors, business associates, local cafe acquaintances, church members, sports team and those on the other team (only if you’re a good sport!), card game players, and now online acquaintances. If any of your people need my service send them my way.

When a patient refers you they are telling that individual that they like you, your work, your office location, and/or your professionalism.

A consistent direct mail marketing plan will make the difference between a constant flow of dental patients and one which just pays the bills for you Dental office. Use these tips and suggestions for your marketing campaigns to generate patients, increase appointments, and enhance your bottom line.

Generate Dental Business With Direct Mail Marketing

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