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Google AdWords Keyword Tool Tutorial 2019 – Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Discover our 2020-2020 Google AdWords Keyword Tool Tutorial also called the Keyword Planner. In order to do PPC and SEO Keyword Research, the Keyword Tool is an amazing possibility to make use of. Not solely are you able to seek for new key phrases however you can even see necessary info like Average Monthly Searches, Google AdWords competitors, your search advert impression share, and advised bids for AdWords.Google Keyword Planner Surfside PPC Article: Keyword Planner tutorial is supposed for rookies so you possibly can perceive the way to do analysis and extra. We have a video particularly meant for PPC, Bing Ads, and Google AdWords search campaigns so you will discover key phrase analysis in your marketing campaign. You can discover that video tutorial right here: this video, we provide you with a Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tutorial up to date for 2020 and it will likely be related into 2020. First, we undergo the way to seek for key phrases utilizing a phrase, web site touchdown web page, or Google class. You can modify location focusing on, language focusing on, google search companions, and add detrimental key phrases which may not be related in your marketing campaign. In addition, you possibly can modify month-to-month forecasts again a number of years. It will default the forecast to the earlier 12 months, which is useful to grasp search quantity developments.You can modify key phrase filters to seek out choices which have a sure variety of common month-to-month searches, particular month-to-month bid strategies, or you possibly can modify by your personal advert impression share in case you are operating campaigns. In addition, you ll be able to solely search for related key phrase concepts and likewise preserve broad choices. You can even present key phrases which can be already in your plan and your account so you haven t any multiples inside your marketing campaign.Second, we undergo Get Search Volume Data and Trends. You can add your key phrase record from the earlier step to seek out all the information you want on search quantity, progress, and common month-to-month seek for every month of the 12 months. Finding search quantity information and development information is important so you possibly can tempo your budgets and forecast your PPC Advertising spend. In addition, we add our key phrase lists to point out how you will discover forecasts in your key phrase record. You can even click on Review Plan while you re creating your plan for correct forecast information. I like to set totally different CPC bids for advert teams and particular person key phrases so I can see what number of clicks I can get for my cash. Google AdWords has a lot key phrase information that you could study and it helps you develop into a grasp in your area of interest.Third, we undergo the way to multiply key phrase lists collectively. In the key phrase planner, you possibly can enter key phrases in two separate fields and they re going to mix them. It s a fast and straightforward solution to increase your key phrase record. For instance, when you ve got a journey web site with inns, trip leases, and resorts for each metropolis within the United States, you possibly can shortly enter all of the totally different cities and it ll create key phrases for every of them.

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  1. Corey, I don't know why you have taken so much time to give the public so much valuable information and insight, but I thank you for your very clear and concise tutorials. All of your tutorial videos are not only current but the absolute best on Youtube. Your deep dive into the fundamentals of digital paid advertising is invaluable for beginners like myself. I highly recommend anybody who wants to learn about this subject to take advantage of all the tutorials that Surfside PPC has provided before they pull it off Youtube and sell the course on Udemy! for which I would still pay for it. I would urge all who benefit from this tutorial to subscribe to this channel and hit the like button. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, very very very informative.

  2. Great video. I have one question though. In your video the avg monthly searches are just one number. When I use the keyword planning my avg monthly searches shows as 100- 1000, 1k-10k, or 10k to 100k. Is there a way to change that to the one number?

  3. Thanks for this awesome video! Do you have a clue way I don't have this blue bar graph that shows the average monthly searches, and how can I bring it back?

  4. Hi, when I go to keyword planner I am stuck on 'express' and cannot see all these tools. I'm not ready to pay for a campaign just yet, but is there a way I can use the tools (just want to first find out which would be the best keywords to target on my site. thx

  5. keyword planner doesnt look like this anymore you get a simpler screen and have to select previous keyword planner at the bottom to get this version

  6. Why does my adwords account take me right to the start an ad page? I cant seem to even find the page youre showcasing here? Noob here ,, sorry

  7. Hello, how many ad groups do you recommend max? Also how many keywords max per adgroup?…. and at the end if we export the keywords to the campaign do we hace to set all as "exact match"? … than you! 🙂

  8. Hello, what if i don't want to make a campaign, i don't have a site. all i want is to see data on specific words that people search for.

  9. Am I right assuming we have to have a campaign running to get the detailed keyword data you're showing in the tutorial??? Because without a campaign I can only get very basic informations and can use only a fraction of all those search features and filters. Very well done tutorial, thanks!

  10. so once you see how much each keyword costs, how are you "purchasing them" is this for an adword campaign or for your SEO? Obviously I'm new to this but I'm trying to optimize my company and am planning on doing an adword campaign but also need to try and get our website ranked higher without paying a company 5,000 a month. Just not sure what the bid is

  11. This is where it gets confusing. How exactly do you copy ONLY the keywords so you can coy and paste it.

  12. I think this tutorial is already outdated they have changed the keyword planner, no three dots anymore, new wrench icon, the keyword planner page looks totally different now…

  13. Hi Corey — Thanks for this video and your many other videos. Super helpful. Stupid Question: I've curated 30-40 critical keyword phrases to start with in a new campaign, and I'd like to see average search volumes and CPCs for all of them. However, the only way I see to do that is to enter them in the "keyword idea" tab, three keywords at a time. (If I paste them in bulk in Planner, all I get is a click estimate based on a max CPC #…but that doesn't tell you anything about total average search volumes, etc…) What am I missing?

  14. Hi, I want to access keywords planner but before that, it was showing me Billing Option so, do I have to pay first to access this google tool? Please answer

  15. He there, i have just subscribed 🙂 Can you tell me, if there is a way to use the adwords keyword planner tool, to find out about keywords data specifically on youtube search? I mean if i use the keyword planner as it is now, then the data about the keywords is just based on google search and not on youtube search. I hope you can help me out? Thanx in front

  16. I am confused, this video has different layout than current Adwords. i am unable to find so many things when trying to apply it. for example you simply add keywords to an addgroup , how you move keywords once you created?

  17. Fantastic Video, I've gone from playing with Adwords/Keywords to running a campaign that actually works for me, Thanks for the Video amazing job will keep an eye out for future content for you.

  18. Thanks so much for doing this video. However, even though I am running an active campaign and have set up billing information, I can't find the options you show. All I get is the single keyword search, that just gives me volume and bid data. I can't do location or negative keywords or anything like that. Suggestions?

  19. Please could you update this to use the current 'get search vol and forecasts' section? That would be fab. Thanks

  20. Ubersuggest shown in the video is no more available now. It looks like it is purchased by Neil Patel. I still check some keyword strategy shown by you but it does not give the same result as shown in the video. Any other alternative available to Ubersuggest?

  21. Great video. Quick question-After setting up and running my first campaign for a few days, google has created a new campaign for me that states that it is better than my existing one. Has anyone tried using a campaign that google has created for them ?

  22. thanks man but I dont get the range bid! I work for amazon affiliate and could you please a short explain to me how range bid works?! which tips should I consider for my niche to make more profit sir? Thank you

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