How He Signed A $9,500 Per Month Social Media Marketing Client – Student Success Interview

In this video I interview Frantz, a social media marketer from Florida. We talk about precisely how he managed to enroll a consumer value $114,000 a yr, lower than two months after launching his company.Frantz YouTube & Instagram – @TheRealFrantz——- – FREE Book: FULL Social Media Marketing Course:*30-Day Guarantee* Providing you have not watched over 25% Please Email, [email protected] you probably have questions concerning this coverage BEFORE buying – See T&C s For Details.ClickFunnels: Products – Social Media Marketing Course: Results Course: @JordanPlattenEmail: [email protected]: To assist the channel a few of the hyperlinks above could also be affiliate hyperlinks. Statements on this website don t symbolize the views or insurance policies of anybody apart from myself. Starting a enterprise takes laborious work and dedication… Please don t purchase my merchandise if you don t intend to place within the effort or if you re searching for aget wealthy fastscheme (Hint, they do not exist).

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  1. Hey Jordan, absolutely love your work mate! Just wondering, do you typically also manage your client's social media pages as part of your service, or just run their FB ads?

  2. can you answer this question, you said they were already running Facebook ads but didn't talk about why they didn't work etc and why they chose him to run them instead..

  3. I'm 1:22 into this video. And it's pure GOLD! I'm Too Hungry to pass on this knowledge. I'mma listen and take notes! Thank You Both!!! ????

  4. Great video! Quick question, is that $9,500 all his? Or does he take a percentage of that $9,500 and use the rest as the companies ad spent?

  5. Another great video bro thanks! Quick question though, say I’m going to my first client and they want to know about my previous clients and experience how can I work around that as I won’t look very creditable saying they are my first client?

  6. Hell yeah happy for him. Got me thinking I can do this as well. Keep on succeeding brother I cant wait to be next.

  7. I have always desired to see someone of the same ethnicity sky rocket in this market and this gives me the motivation to truly invest my time in this !

  8. I’m starting my agency and about to launch but what about contracts? I have not been able to find anything on social media agency contract

  9. Thanks guys. I’d be interested to know how much work is involved in delivering on this month in month out? Maybe you’ve already made a video on it…?

  10. Age is just a number, the Internet is a real Blessing if used for the right purposes, young entrepreneurs are absolutely killing it these days, and more are going to be inspired, lets get shit done!

  11. I want to understand if he is booking ads for this client, of the $9500 per month how much is spent on the ad costs? Or are ad costs billed separately or is he spending $3000 a month on the fb ads and then the remaining $6500 is his revenue?

  12. how do you know WHO to call at companies?

    8:00 if they were already spending like $300k a year on facebook ads, what does he do that is more effective for them?

  13. I promise I’m not a hater and I try to have a positive outlook on most things but I really don’t believe his story, I’m sorry. There’s so many details that seem off

  14. Hi Jordan and Frantz. Firstly, thanks for the video. It was super inspirational and shows whats possible.

    I just have a question. It appears that most of your strategies and tactics to get clients centre around face to face meetings. What if you live in a remote part of the country with no big industries or businesses. Or if you live in a economically struggling country so finding clients and attracting customers for those clients will be extremely difficult or even impossible.

    Do you have any strategies to securing clients via phone, email and video conferencing only? Is it even possible?

    I've watched several SMMA tutorials by other accomplished people in the industry and they all seem to suggest that face to face meetings are essential.

    Part of the attraction of this type of business is to be able to work from home, or anywhere in the world but if face to face meetings are essential that excludes people who aren't from the US Europe or Britain etc… Or it forces them to have to constantly fly to where the business are to secure new clients.

    Any advice will be appreciated.


  15. 1. Connect with that business owner
    2. Speak to them intellectually
    3. Be down to earth and relatable
    4. Know your WORTH
    5. Do the best you can for your potential client
    6. Create and maintain confidence
    7. Research their business

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