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How To Add XML Sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools – Help Google Help You | WP Learning Lab

Grab Your Free 17-Point PhrasePress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: our unique 10-Point WP Hardening Checklist: XML Sitemaps to Webmaster Tools: A Step-By-Step Guide to Using & Benefiting From The Google Search Console” alt=”Google Webmaster”>Google Webmaster Tools – Help Google Help You | WP Learning LabIn this tutorial you are going to discover ways to add an XML Sitemaps in SEO” alt=”XML sitemap”>XML sitemap on your web site to Google Webmaster Tools.Why would you wish to do that? In quick, to assist Google discover all of the content material your web site extra simply. The Google crawlers and spiders discover the content material in your web site by following hyperlinks discovered in your web site and across the web. But usually you ve gotten content material that does not have a number of hyperlinks pointing to it, or typically no hyperlinks pointing to it. That means it is tough for Google to seek out that content material.By utilizing a sitemap Google can discover all of the content material in your web site very simply. Which is nice for search engine optimization (SEO) and can assist Google discover the suitable place to rank your web site s pages. In essence, by having a Google sitemap you are serving to Google enable you to.Before you ll be able to full this tutorial you will have two issues:1. Your web site must be verified in Google Webmaster Tools (tutorial right here: )2. You should have an XML sitemap generated on your web site (tutorial right here: )When you ve gotten these two issues in place you ll be able to then add the XML web site map to your Google Webmaster instruments by doing the next.Get the URL of your XML sitemap. Next, open your Google Webmaster Tools account and discover the verified web site you wish to add the sitemap to. Open that web site in Google Webmaster Tools.Next, click on on the Sitemaps tab on the suitable facet of the web page. On the subsequent web page click on on the Add/Test Sitemap button. Add the URL of your sitemap after which click on on Test Sitemap.Google will verify the sitemap and allow you to know if there are any issues with it. If every thing seems good click on on Add/Test Sitemap once more and enter the sitemap URL once more.This time click on on Submit Sitemap. After a number of seconds your sitemap will probably be added and you may refresh the web page.It could take a couple of minutes, however quickly Google will present you what number of pages and pictures you submitted by way of the XML web site map you submitted. After a number of days, Google Webmaster Tools will present you the way lots of the pages in your web site are included within the Google index.Rarely are 100% of the pages included, however often greater than 50% are. If you are seeing lower than that there is a potential drawback in your web site.I hope this data helps you! If you ve gotten any questions depart a remark beneath or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter. ————–If you need extra wonderful PhrasePress data try our web site the place we submit PhrasePress tutorials each day. with us:WP Learning Lab Channel: Plus:

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  1. Hi..great video. i have had a wordpress blog where i used to blog for 2 years and now after i satrted following u i have got the interest to do some professional blogging.. bought a domain ..watched ur videos and installed yoast, started using google keyword planner, etc ..and then verified website..added xml and now when i see the number of pages indexed i see its too low…i see that for my Web pages 412 Submitted and 16 Indexed… but i have to tell you that i installed yoast seo only about 2 weeks back so i am guessing only the newer posts are getting indexed? is that right? i will have to make the necessary changes in my old post to get better results? Am i correct?
    Sitemap Type Processed Issues Items Submitted Indexed

    Aug 1, 2017
    8 Submitted
    6 Indexed

    Aug 1, 2017

    41 Submitted
    2 Indexed

    Sitemap index
    Jul 31, 2017

    363 Submitted
    8 Indexed

  2. if you start a website with , for example 10 pages and you make a sitemap and a year later you got 20 pages or maybe 100 posts more , do you have to update the sitemaps again?

  3. hey.. video was awesome! have a lil question.. after uploading sitemap to webmaster! do we have to paste sitemap in the c panel as well?

  4. Please i have issue with my sitemap , i have generated the sitemap before but then my website was unable to be verified by google webmaster so after it was verified the sitemap was giving me error , so i contact my hosting company the sitemap was recovered using debug function in my wp dashboard. but i tested the sitemap recovered it was not discovered on webmaster tool. what can i do to generate a valid sitemap pls? or to have the sitemap approved?

  5. I have been trying to add my sitemap to Google for the last few weeks with no luck. I watched your video and added my sitemap with this brilliant video. Thank You Very Much.

  6. I just started my website and have only 1 sitemap with 1 page. So I added that like you did with the test and then add. But how should it go in the future? Do I need to put EVERY sitemap manually through this way or will it go automatically?

  7. what is the benefit of separating the site maps into pages, and posts ? by the way thanks for efforts you're doing well man

  8. Most informative video on Web design I've ever seen. Currently building a website and this has been a HUGE help!!

  9. XML Sitemap Generator or Yoast SEO ..which is better?

    I have installed both than Yoast shows a pop-up ..The Google XML Sitemaps plugin might cause issues when used in conjunction with Yoast SEO.

  10. Okay so I figured out how to get SEO Yoast in,after xml sitemap made,but there is no xml sitemap link in it,now as of 8/2018 at least, I see no link to that setting area

  11. when you enter the webmaster console how are those just populating there? I don't see any results like didn't even type in the site name or url so how does it know to bring up that list you're clicking on it in?

  12. WordPress noob here, but would I be correct in assuming the sitemap is automatically updated when I post new articles to my website?

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