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How To Be A Niche Expert – 6 Tips For You To Stay Successful In Freelance Writing

Freelance writing offers many niche areas to select. Going by your passion, interest and skills, starting off is much easier. Having your own blog and developing various blog post ideas for publication, sets you to attain mastery. However, it does not end there. Because, you need to constantly publish articles to advertise and market your expertise.

How to describe expertise

Familiarity in writing does not count for customers as expert writing levels are growing in demand. If you have worked through many articles extensively that convey your cognition and authority over a topic, you are assured of winning contracts.

Another aspect that signifies your expertise is the comment section. The views, likes, shares and discussions from readers confirm that you have down the niche.

Keep your style unique, stimulating and follow the industry jargon on with SEO keywords.

How many articles to publish

Publish unlimitedly. Find as many sources as you can piece ensuring that you deliver quality content. In fact, many small business owners keep a practice to publish articles to have dominion over running a palmy business. Maintain a content calendar and record titles in surpass sheet.

Use Headline analyzer

Get high score for title. This is very important to drive dealings. It need to have most compelling words and emotion to derive clicks. Score anyplace between 70 to 80 or more promises secured views. Further, it grows fundamental interaction and content engagement.

Submit website / blog to directories

There are few directories that index URLs for free. Social submission sites like free submission, Anoox, add more dealings etc, welcome more golf links for submission. This is one scheme to invite dealings.

Link Building scheme

Take time to read the articles of other writers and appreciate good work. You get a link back to your website. That’s how you grow popular. Stay honest in your opinions and comments. Keep the motive of commenting as professional rather than being commercial. It really helps.

Build Network

Connecting with those in the same field, active in social media groups and actively voicing your opinion fetches you more followers. As you grow popular, your expert areas are also discovered to your audiences. This is an assured way to grow your business.


While quality publication takes maximum of your efforts for building expertise, there are also other segments available online that bring you a new foray for your brand marketing. It’s not hard. Just you need to begin and stay active online.

How To Be A Niche Expert - 6 Tips For You To Stay Successful In Freelance Writing

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