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How To Properly Use Indirect Link Building

Have you ever heard of indirect link building? What you should know about indirect link building is that a lot of people are using that now days and therefore it is not that uncommon to see people using this link building technique for their websites. What you need to understand is that indirect link building is where you build links to a page with your link on it that is part of a bigger website. Normally these websites are,,, and All of these are great big websites that you can link to without getting looked at like you are a spammer.

Being that you know where the main pages are at now, it is time to show you what steps to take in order to build backlinks to these web pages. The first thing that you have to do is make sure that your link is showing up right because you will want to use the anchor text as your way of moving up the search engines and if you are linking to a page that links to your website under the anchor text, “Click here” then you will get no benefit out of this method.

Where To Find Indirect Backlinks

Social Bookmarks – Social bookmarks are probably one of the easiest ways to get quick backlinks and the best part is that they are easy to do. There are two ways to get links from social bookmarking sites, place the link on there yourself or you can hire somebody to do it. My advice would be to use a few bigger social bookmarkers that way it gets out there to the largest amount of people.

Article Directories – My favorite place to get links is from article directories but what most people don’t like is that they have to write all the articles first. I know this might be a little bit too much work but the truth is that once you have an article published it could bring in more and more traffic.

Website Directories – One other thing that you can do is use a website directory. The best part about a website directory is that all you do is put the link of the website that you want to submit a link to and then you hit submit. Just know that there are a lot of these out there so make sure you get to all of them.

If you can build a good enough linking page then you will be able to attract traffic to it and the odds of you getting that traffic to click through to your site will be much higher. The indirect link building process might seem a little weird to you at first but just know that after a month of so of using this you will see a huge jump in the amount of traffic your site is getting. The last thing I want to make sure you know is that building link through article directories will take a while and if you have the time it is great but most people don’t.

How To Properly Use Indirect Link Building

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