How to Rank on Google First Page (#1 Ranking with a NEW website)

Here s how one can rank on Google first web page, quick and free. Improve your Google rankings and find out how I rank #1 on Google.If you need to get visitors to your web site, it s a must to learn to rank on Google first web page. Page 1 rankings can get you ongoing, free, focused visitors to your weblog, web site or store.In this video, I m going to point out you precisely what I do to rank my web sites on the first web page of Google, even for my model new websites.This is a few strong SEO recommendation that may assist you enhance your visitors and positions within the search engines.I hope that utilizing this video, it is possible for you to to get on the primary web page of Google, and keep there completely.————————————————-The very first thing that that you must ensure you do is selecting the key phrases with the fitting problem.If your website is comparatively new, then you ought to be selecting key phrases with the Difficulty rating of lower than 5 ideally. That will assist you make sure that you give your self the most effective likelihood of truly rating in Google.The subsequent factor I personally do is making certain that there are no less than 2 or extra “weak” web sites already rating on web page 1 for my goal key phrases. By “weak” I imply any web site that has “AR” rating of upper than 1,000,000 (or 1M).That ensures that there is a good likelihood that your newer web site additionally has an honest likelihood of getting onto that coveted first web page spot.The third step is to test the size of the content material that is at the moment on web page 1. It s essential to make sure that lots of the rating content material is brief (below 1,500 phrases, ideally below 1,000 phrases). If there s lots of short-form content material rating, it signifies that for those who write a chunk that is lengthy and in-depth (over 3,000 phrases), you ll have a very excessive likelihood of outranking them and rating on Google first web page.Finally, the very last thing that you need to do is just remember to write an AWESOME piece of content material. Without good content material, you ll by no means rank in Google, even for super-easy phrases.My guidelines for creating nice content material are: over 2,000 phrases in size, masking the subject in lots of element and making certain that you ve glorious media on the web page, similar to pictures and embedded movies.That s all of the fundamentals of SEO that I personally use to rank my content material on the first web page of Google, time after time.

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  1. How was the video? If you enjoyed it, then please Like it and Comment below saying what you think of it – this really helps me reach more viewers. Thank you so much for watching, I appreciate it!

  2. When will you start adding Adsense ads? Right when you start the site or when you start ranking? Thank you again for the great video!

  3. If you see this, please answer… Can a multi niche site rank high on Google and thus make money or it's not worth it and I should stick to one niche? I currently have a multi niche site with 12 posts!… need your help please…

  4. Thank you for your time. It's real valuable content.You explain well. I am beginning a blog in french (I am from France) and do you know if your method is also working ? I mean with Ahref ? Again thanks

  5. I am interested in the AR. For example my AR in semrush changes really often, what could be the reason, also for other sites? Actually, have you used Semrush what is your opition about it ? Btw, I guess in most cases these sites with not that much keyword difficulty are being monetized through adsense, isn't Booking, Tripadvisor also a good way to make money in them ?

  6. Question for you. Can you make money with adsense or mediavine if your blog import only rss contect or if you have a respiner article plugin and automate everything?

  7. Really useful and high quality content. Thank you Greg!

    Am curious about embedding the YouTube videos. Are there any legal or copyright issues you need to consider when doing this? Thanks

  8. WEBSITE time is over, peoples coming to get the information through videos nowadays. from Youtube, TIKTOK…
    after a few years, nobody would wanna come to search for a blog or website to get their help. TIME IS CHANGING

  9. I have a quick question. As you said if it is store,google gives good favor in certain keywords for shops such as where to find xyz. Then in other hands, if all top google searched contents are blog based then people who owned online store and post blog in their website, google will not rank that blog contents because it was written in online store? Or are you referring product page/ sales pages that google favor to certain keywords for store ?
    Hope you able to answer

  10. Hey can you do a video on tools u need for a successful blog, coz I saw in one of your video you using ubbesuggest now ahrefs so bit of confusing which is better bla bla

  11. Hi Greg this is more great content thank you.
    Just a quick question, i really need a research tool ahrefs is out of my budget even though i feel its the best. All that said uber suggests is now a paid tool, so which one out of uber suggests & keyword search would you pitch for as they are both around the $10 mark ?. I am leaning towards keyword search, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony.

  12. I've got a question. You said in the video if the first page of the keywords are shop it doesn't work. So my question is how I can out ranked the others shop if the most of their traffic comes from these keywords? Thank you!

  13. Hello sir,
    I recently saw some of your videos and all of them is really helpful towards my blogging journey.
    Can you please explain how to bring featured snippet results onto google SERP? Is there any wordpress plugins for that? Thanks in advance.

  14. Good tips on what Google likes – long content, rich media including videos. Since the majority of people like videos, it does make sense to include at least 1 on your page to get people to stay on your page longer. Thanks Greg..

  15. I recently discovered you and I love your videos! Do you have insta!? Also, do you know of any websites where you can get free high quality images to use on a blog so it isn’t copyrighted?

  16. Hi Caffeinated, Your content is most valuable, especially those who want to grow their blog or website fast and reliable source, Really helpful. Actually, Google gives the high priority to “quality content,” it means:
    Each page on your site must serve a clear purpose. Is it to inform? Collect information? Provide directions or company details? It should be apparent at first glance, or your bounce rate will soar. The content must be original, well-written, and researched. We call this a “comprehensive” piece of content. So, if you searching for quality content use this site ( content2fast. com ) I've been using it for 2 years.

  17. Do you have tips on how to craft content and optimize your website once you've selected the right keyword? @caffeinated Blogger

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