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How to Use Keywords in a Blog Post

In this video I share a Three part course of that can assist you learn to use key phrases in a weblog put up so as to rank increased in serps and get extra focused site visitors to your web site.

If you’ve but to search out key phrases to focus on, I counsel additionally watching these two movies beneath, which is able to enable you to be taught what your viewers is searching for, and what instruments you need to use, too:

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools:

How to Create Content Like a Sniper (and know precisely what to weblog about):

Here are the three phases mentioned on this video, and timestamps for every on your comfort:

Phase 1 – 0:59 – Extended Research

Phase 2 – 2:55 – The Content Creation Phase

-=-=-= 5 Content Creation Components =-=-=-

1. 3:02 – The Approach
2. 4:04 – Using the Keyword within the First Sentence
3. 4:36 – Using Relevant Keywords Throughout Post
4. 5:43 – Use h3 Header Tags in Your Blog Post
5. 6:31 – Write so People Will Want to Continue Reading (i.e. hooks and open loops)

Phase 3 – 7:49 – Blog Post METADATA

8:03 – The Title of Your Blog Post
9:32 – The URL / Web Address
9:45 – The Description

Yoast SEO Plugin:

11:25 – The Alt-Img tag

My #1 Tip to win with key phrases and weblog content material creation: 13:01


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  1. Hey and thanks for the knowledge Pat..

    Just starting. I haven't posted anything yet, but I have my first couple of posts. Just need to edit. Extremely nervous, smh but I will follow through.

  2. Hi Flynn, I am blogging since April. 2018. I am new to this and really your videos are precisive and you give a clear and straightforward answer of everyone issue I come across. but after watching your videos I get confirmed that I am going the right way.

  3. Hi Pat, great help thanks. When I search google using my keywords, I find volume but can't see the cpc or the competition % as shown in your video. Has that changed now or is there parameters I need to change in my search settings?

  4. Loved the Video. I have been blogging for almost a year now. The mistake I did, in the beginning, as I was writing an article on which nobody is searching, I started ranking though but no traffic. Now I am focusing on searched keywords. This tutorial will help me in engaging my readers. Thank you is my blog URL.

  5. I've been blogging personally and for my business for only a couple months now. I've been looking more into SEO-minded blogging rather than just writing and this is the most helpful video I've come across! The SEO tools you showed us also are really helpful. Thanks, Pat!

  6. Hello Pat, I have a question. I understand quality is important but I create a new e-commerce web site. In the product category page I wrote logical explanations containing keywords and I haven't keyword spammed. HOWEVER there is also a section heading and small section heading. Headings are "H" tags and again I used a short explanation containin keywords. I think till now everything is ok. But at small heading section (which is a div tag) I used 5-6 target keywords as list separated with dash. I havent made an explanation here I just put keywords directly to this section. So under a big category page I used 5×4 = 20 keywords directly. Does this kind of use harm my site? Visually it doesnt seem bad and not so unrelated because they are under related category but it is just list of words coming one after other

  7. Hi Pat, My cousin Frankie Mata introduced me to your YouTube channel. I love what you're sharing. I started creating content this summer. I'm only scheduling posts a month in advance and your lessons are priceless. THANK YOU!

  8. it's probably a less than a month building my website for blogging. And I am stuck in creating my Homepage 😀 But I am learning through you and youtube as well. And I'll definitely apply these strategies to write my first blog. Thanks a ton 🙂

  9. It's unfortunate that the only content we find on the internet is that which has been created solely to appease Google's search engines. The drive for SEO really affects what we see on the internet. Your search results are content that has been created (often at great expense) for Google. Google is changing the way people tell stories and share information. Are you alright with this?

  10. I'm about to get started with blogging thanks to your podcast. I'm a young software developer and I finally got the confidence to share my experiences and advice about my field with other people.

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