How To Use Online Video To Drive Your Professional Service Marketing

Making good use of online video in the Web 2.0 era is a must for business owners of professional service firms.

But what should be a firm’s online video marketing priorities?

Indeed, why video Marketing?

Video marketing services can be fraught, what should be the focus?

Over the last 2 years the growth in the use of video has become so great that its become the format of choice for many people needing information.

Online videos used off and on page are superb marketing tools for professionals because they genuinely help to build resonance that slowly builds into trust from which assignments flow. The use of online videos allows business owners to convey many different types of substances in fresh, imaginative, interesting and valuable ways Videos can be in used in many formats, supported with concomitant written documents that provide further insights, value and even golf links to other videos, websites or downloadable documents; in and of itself their flexibility is enormous.

But exactly why should you be considering exploitation video?

If we accept that few people will commit to a serious contract with a professional if, there is no relationship or any degree of trust already in place, then its really important to be building trust ahead of people needing to buy your services; Its here that online video really comes to the fore.

The buying of a professional service is not just an intellectual exercise but more of an emotional process supported people genuinely appreciating that you not only know you’re ‘stuff’ but that you’re dependable, trustworthy knowledgeable and likeable.

In this context videos are superior tools that can be used not only to introduce your services but more importantly to start the crucial relationship building process where they come to actually know you as, dependable, trustworthy knowledgeable and likeable.

This is especially true when in frame of the video presentation there is something that is both related & interesting and which represents exceptional value. When a prospect experiences such value this not only conveys that you know your stuff and that you are an expert, but also that you care because you’ve helped them with no hope of gain. Its here that the imperceptible substance comes through that you’re the go-to person, the consummate professional that can help them in their area of concern. Video lends itself to direct talking and a high level of intimacy in a professional context.

If the video is well given and keyword optimised, when viewed it will be being watched by qualified persons who have a direct interest and desire to hear what you have to say.

People really appreciate it when you talk to them about what they really need to know in ways that given them confidence and insight they didn’t have before; they warm to those that give without taking or of wanting something in return.

In an age of agnosticism and outright mistrust they like to get to know people they are going to have to do business with before having to take a decision; herein lies trueness value of video.

Never was the substance ‘Give of your very best’, better said than in the context of communication online exploitation video. Give of yourself, give of your very best and screw with genuine care and concern and your value will shine through.

If you prepare your videos and supporting materials with an open caring heart and with no thought of receiving, the returns can be extraordinary.

If you prepare everything as best you can but its through with a view to marketing your services then the results will be paltry; you’ll simply be seen as being all gratuitous.

Video, particularly when used in a series, is also powerful because it can be used in a campaign context with video after video providing ever greater value and insights. The days of single channel marketing and single promotions such as a single ad in the yellow pages are gone.

Your videos must concord a mix of online channels all of which reinforce and build upon one other in the broader campaign context:

As a general guide to exploitation online videos there are a number of pointers that are important:

  1. Videos should be used both off and on your website, and be given, in a variety of formats;
  2. Videos should be used as tools for the giving of information, providing guidelines, honing client insights; and responsive questions for clarification; they should only rarely be used and only under very specific circumstances to directly sell a service.
  3. People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold to so don’t screw;
  4. Videos should be kept short & extremely focused; concentration spans are short, clearly think through what you want to say and say it without any fluff; this will impress, something too long will not;
  5. Videos should be directly related to the keywords they are optimised for. This is because it will be through the use of very specific keywords that your prospect will find your video.
  6. Its far better to do a series of very tightly focused short videos of say 30 seconds to 2 and a half proceedings than to make a bigger one;
  7. A firm’s video portfolio should comprise of a wide mix of videos given through an array of different online channels conveyance a mix of different substances that build cumulatively as viewers are pleased to view evermore;
  8. Videos can be used especially well when they’re accustomed convey very specific substances on a client ‘type’ by client ‘type’ basis. This means for each specific client type for any given service the underlying marketing substance necessarily to be very cautiously thought through; generic catch all electronic messaging just won’t cut it. And to this I would add, wherever possible try to build in a degree of personalisation; the more personal you can get the stronger will be the emotional content and as a result the more powerful will be the result in terms of your building resonance;
  9. Videos should be seen as a powerful relationship builder This is true because as people come to see increasingly of your videos they feel that they are acquiring to know you better and better. The plan of action objective is therefore clear the focus must get on acquiring prospects to view evermore of your videos, whether this is achieved by encouraging them in the videos to do so, or, by providing golf links, by sending them a weekly video by email or by providing exceptional value incentives;
  10. Yes you can use stand-ins in your videos, that is if you feel uncomfortable presenting a video but this is a very poor runner-up and it is not to be advised. Get over it, practise, relax, enjoy it its fun; and you will get better
  11. Video as a medium is extremely personal; it can be accustomed appeal at both the emotional also at the intellectual level; make a point you use it at the emotional level and avoid over intellectualising; remember its prospects not fellow professionals you’re talking to.
  12. Always ask a non professional to critically look in the to the worst degree your material & check it out before it goes live as jargon and professional nuancing can really put people off defeating your purpose;
  13. Videos can easily go micro-organism so allow people and other companies to use your videos on their site and their blogs without recourse to asking your permission. It’s therefore important thin the to the worst degree your videos make clear your full contact details: blog, telephone & website;
  14. Tactically video presentations are extremely flexible, they can be used:
  • to explain the basics right through to elaborate nuances and intricacies;
  • to explain typical or hard issues that may need to be addressed;
  • to introduce the background to matters that power not otherwise come up;
  • to float difficult ideas and to test the waters;
  • to introduce members of each of your teams; and
  • to give prospects the answer to the many ‘Whys’ that concern them;

In addition:

  1. Video can be accustomed say not only who you are but what you do and why; here you can get really personal at a professional level and by telling your story establish all new bonds with prospects that otherwise would not exist,
  2. Videos can be used in very specific, client contexts. For important prospects and potential major contracts you can prepare client specific videos]. Here a videos power can really step up as you hone in on very specific substances that can be replayed amongst all the team back at a client’s base as they go through their internal deciding procedures.
  3. Videos can be accustomed get back to important prospects that you’ve just met exploitation an email link; such personalisation rarely fails to impress if the focus is seen to get on building resonance and possibly passing on something of interest or value.
  4. Videos can be accustomed complement your proposal documents, they can be accustomed introduce members of the team or to go over points in the proposal in a more conversation way where it’s better-known there is concern, indecision or worries; and
  5. Video can also address uncomfortable or difficult issues in a cold-eyed way. Many clients have concerns that they don’t like to articulate. As professionals we know what those typically are. Using video we can address those concerns in a cold-eyed way and informative way putt people at their ease without having to get them to openly discuss the matter.

All your video output should be designed to build resonance, put clients at their ease and ensure that you and your team come across as consummate professionals, imaginationful, energetic, enthusiastic, communicative, caring, able, supportive, helpful and above all results focused.

The use of videos, placed both off and on your website provide a powerful marketing tool sanctionative those who don’t know you to become acquainted you, to understand how you operate and to appreciate the better points of which they may not be aware.

You will find that the effective use of video whilst requiring an investment of time and imagination up front will not only help you to build resonance and trust, but also save you a huge amount of time downline also as provide a huge marketing boost.

You can see many more articles like this at our Online Video for Professionals blog.

How To Use Online Video To Drive Your Professional Service Marketing

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