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Reliability Alexa Ranking

For years, the discussion about the reliability of the Alexa Ranking has been discussed. According to many, numbers are worthless (see, for example, the discussions at and Others use the Ranking for PR purposes or research. The reliability of Alexa Ranking is largely based on the number of users of the toolbar and the representativeness of these users. Already on help page already indicates that there are relatively many users in South Korea making South Korea's web sites (too) high. The exact number of users of the toolbar and the origin of these users are unfortunately not public, and questions about this are not yet responded, which means nothing about the reliability of the Ranking. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a ruling on the relevance of the Ranking based on known website visits, and its Rankings. Thus, there have been several initiatives where a relationship has been established between the number of visitors and the Ranking. The chance is that the number of users in English-speaking countries is greater than in non-English-speaking countries such as the Netherlands (except South Korea). The spread of the measurement points already indicates that the reliability of the Ranking is not very high. However, it is now possible to estimate the number of visitors per day based on the relationship.

How does Alexa rank?

Alexa rank websites based on the information they receive through the Alexa Toolbar or bulk alexa rank checker. This toolbar is available for Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer and available through the Alexa internet site. To get these statistics, users must install the Alexa toolbar, which means that the data is not based on all Internet users.

If you wanted to get an idea of how popular a website is, one of the most well-known ways to check for that is to find out the “Web Alexa” of the website.

Owned by, Alexa is a web analytics company that provides web traffic data and other marketing metrics based on information it picks up from around the web via various toolbars and web browser extensions.

Although Alexa runs a number of services and has even been involved in some notable projects in the past (like providing a database that served as the basis for the creation of the Wayback Machine), its most noted service or tool is “Alexa Rank.”

Now, “Alexa Ranking” is a metric that ranks websites in the order of their popularity. It is a global ranking system that utilizes web traffic data to create a list of the most popular websites on the Internet in relation to usage.

This list does not contain ALL the domain names in the world, but it does contain millions of them. The only reason a domain name may not be included (usually automatically) in Rank in Alexa is if it is not popular enough in terms of the number of people visiting or using it.

According to Alexa, this ranking is based on “how well a website [is doing] relative to all other sites on the web over the last 3 months.”

As for how Web Alexa websites, the more popular a website is, the lower its ranking. Yes, it is normal! This means that the website that ranks “1” on Alexa is the most visited as opposed to one that ranks at “100,000” for example.