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Htaccess Redirect Generator

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Di Htaccess Redirect Generator

This .htaccess url rewrite generator or mod rewrite generator can be used for two purposes:

1. Rewrite a URL to a human readable/user friendly version.
2. 301 redirect a URL or domain to another URL or domain.

Mod Rewrite is a way of manipulating URLs in a more powerful way you can imagine. Mod rewrite rules are written in a .htaccess file. Writing these rules are a very tedious task for beginners. For example, you don’t know how to code, but you want to redirect your domain to another domain, then how are you going to write that rule? But don’t worry, our free online .htaccess rewrite generator will help you to generate the code. Just copy and paste the code into your .htaccess file.

You can also rewrite a URL to a more readable version. For example, you have a website where dynamically created inner URLs are like ““. This URL is not telling anyone what the page is about or what the product is? But with a mode_rewrite rule, you have the ability to make the URL more user-friendly e-g ““. Our tool will help you to generate the most suitable URL for the users.

The Windows servers use IIS URL Rewrite module, and the Linux servers use the mod_rewrite module to enable URL rewriting.