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Di Meta Tag Generator

For a business to succeed, and grow bigger, it needs the aid of the internet. It needs to have a business that could reach more loyal and potential customers easier. However, just having a site does not bring any success. The site should top search engines and should have sufficient online traffic in order for the business to gain out of it. To do this, search engine optimization (SEO) activities are need to be done.


The use of SEO tools are highly recommended in order to achieve online success in an efficient and effective manner. Among the best SEO tools to use is the meta tag generator. It is as important as other tools, such as keyword generator, plagiarism checker, article rewriter, backlink checker and others.


What Is Meta Tag?

Before anything else, let us first discuss what meta tag is and its importance to your site success. Meta tag is the one that provides metadata about any HTML document. You won’t find it in any page of a website. Nonetheless, it is essential as it gives information regarding a page. It will show the creator of the page, the number of times it is updated, what the page contains and what keywords are used in the page content.


Importance of Meta Tag Generator

You can make choosing a meta tag to use for your page a lot easier with the use of the meta tag generator. All you have to do is to fill the blanks in the tool and it will automatically show you the list of meta tags that fit best to your page. You also do not have to worry about the number of characters of the recommended meta tags because the tool is programmed to only give meta tags that comply with the rules of search engines when it comes to the allowable number of characters to be used.


Meta Description Tips

  • Somewhat Important: Many search engines use the meta description tag in their search results. Good meta description tags can help improve your click through rate.
  • Your meta description should read well as many human eyes will see it in many search results.
  • Should be a sentence to a couple sentences long.
  • Each page should have its own unique meta description.
  • Should reinforce the keywords in the page title, targeting alternate versions.
  • Should typically use multiple versions of the keywords and keyword phrase modifiers, hitting other permutations that are not heavily focused upon in your page title.
  • Your meta description should also help differentiate your site from competing ranked sites.

Meta Keywords Tips:

  • Not important: It is not used by most search engines since it is highly susceptible to spam and users never see it.
  • Should consist of a couple of the main keywords used to describe that page.
  • Former Yahoo! Search engineer Jon Glick stated that the meta keywords tag is used for inclusion within a subset of search results, and has no effect on relevancy.
  • Is only created for machines.

Other Meta Tags:

  • Most other meta tags revolving around further optimization in a classical sense (dublin core, meta keywords, revisit on, etc.) are generally a waste of time as most search engines ignore them.
  • That said, there are a few exceptions to this general rule-of-thumb:
    • The meta robots tag, which is used to tell search engines to NOT INDEX a page or to NOT FOLLOW LINKS, but if you want the page to get indexed and followed you would not use the meta robots exclusion tag, as indexing and following are default states.
    • The rel=canonical tag, which is used to identify the original source document in cases where multiple versions of a document exist.
    • Any specific tags to verify the website as being verified as owned by an entity, for access to webmaster tool offerings.

Character Counting Script

Some search engines only display up to ~ 70 characters from a page title in their search results (fewer if you over-run the limit & they have to cut it off in the middle with a ...). They also limit the number of characters they will show from meta descriptions. Use the following form to count how many characters are in your page title or meta description tag.