Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Unabridged) – PART 2 – Audiobook

Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Unabridged) – Audiobook

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  1. Iv read the book and listened to this twice . They don’t mention love at all. Isn’t the spirit world based on love?

  2. i am…. useing english words to describe these… words cant do it but this is the best laymans tearms of the truth that any human has done…i bow my head and thank all the guides that has let this happen..
    i cheated to find the truth [LSD] and i cant tell you.. there is much more but damn good job

  3. My life path moves quite slowly, I've been stagnant for quite some time, but when something like this shows up or a psychic event happens it usually means my path is about to take it's next step, which is always very difficult for me to handle, my brain in this current body doesn't handle things well at all.

  4. I just finished listening to the 1st part and will listen to part 2 within the next 2-3 days, part 1 sounded like our "PODS" are exactly like a controlled "NEXUS".

  5. This certainly is better and makes more sense than the; "God loves you so much that, you must be perfect and totally believe in Christ and never sin again and change your ways or rot in a tortuous screaming burning inescapable hell for all eternity till the end of all time": A ridiculous and hopeless horrifying fear everyone must live with- including those who never even heard of Christ: babies, children, the people of the Amazon forests, teenagers who never had the chance yet……

  6. Ì have had a very bad ruff life .and it's not over yet .and if I have to come back and relive my life I hope it's not going to be as bad .

  7. Who ever my guide is…thank you for bringing me here as a 33 year old black male from the ghetto…ill try harder.i wanna apologize for ever being racist to white people or blaming them for anything….i see we are all in this together.✊✊✊ aye I love all y'all for real

  8. There is a contradiction in here one story says people on earth are young souls then later another says this world is not for young souls. Which is it? Just curious but i just cant understand why we arent teached from our original realm rather than live these lives. Granted i love my family

  9. I have a feeling Micheal Newton will get a lil bit in trouble with higher ups for probing hard on his his question….🤣🤣🤣 Thankful for his ruthlessness🤣 just sayn
    haven't finished th 2nd half yet about 2 hours in💜💚 Loving it😊🤗

  10. Love this. Thanks so much for uploading. Lost my beloved man 2 months ago. This brings great peace. He’ll be in a group of mischief makers and making fellow souls laugh. That was him. But also wise. An Old soul. I hope he comes back to a pain free life and I know we’ll be together again.

  11. First off I have a hard time believing that it's a never-ending over and over again and again and again and again sounds like hell

  12. Has anyone listen to this, and dream while its playing.
    My dreams, are weird, but I enjoy them.
    It's like the frequency it's on, provokes, an Engery force to enter my dream state.

  13. As a little catholic school girl in my bedroom at night I would pray in the dark … one night I asked God to come into my heart and two white balls of light appeared in my room. It was always a memory that I never really acknowledged until I heard the Dr. here mention the white lights here … powerful read …. makes you wonder … simply amazing 🙏🏽

  14. I must say I really love the exuberance in the way this man has in how he reads and the excitement in his voice, his reading ability is excellent.

  15. As a kid I woke up to a big bright beautiful blue being standing next to me as I slept. It was huge & it didn’t have a scary nature about it. It literally stood maybe just a foot away from me right at my side as I slept. I woke up one night and locked eyes on it, honestly it really scared me so much I froze. However, I know it was good and for some reason had an interest in me or concern. It was scary though to see something so real yet from a totally different dimension right there in my room w me as I slept. I now in my life, believe it was an Angel or a guide. It was so beautiful it seemed like it wasn’t a human though, thus I tend to think it was an Angel. The blue glow Doctor N speaks of makes me wonder. All I can say is there is more to life than this flesh and I’ve been blessed enough to witness it on many accounts. That was just one time but many things have presented themselves to me. I hope this brings peace and love to you all. Many blessing to you all and endless love.💙💙

  16. I'm not sure I can explain this, but I'm very curious if the trance subjects mentioned in this book were capable of thinking with such intensity while not in a trance?

  17. I have a lot of problems with his book (and his other books): And how can his patients count the years in years
    B.C. if Gregorian calendar did not exist yet. And they fail to know the name of
    the village/country they are from (red flags, this is fake!)

    So the people dying in wars/genocides is part of the lessons they had to learn, its their fault
    because they chose that life right?

    If there is no absolute certainty with what will happen (which is what the book says), then a wild card has been
    introduced that can lead to unexpected outcomes for each situation, thwarting karma. The butterfly effect also comes into mind. But establishing the inevitability of an event requires everything around it to be in sync,. An individual who is supposed to become a great inventor cannot die in childhood of poor sanitation or in car accident before he achieves his goals. That person needs a leader who recognizes his or talent and gets the inventor hired and promoted. Everyone else`s fate would have to revolve around that individual for that one bit of destiny. Meanwhile, all the other seven billion need their destiny fulfilled. Each time one piece of this vast jigsaw
    puzzle is moved, it affects every other one. It is an impossible game for even a god to play.

    There are problems with using
    hypnotherapy in general: People claim to remember a past life, when the
    individual they claim to be is still alive. They recall details of the lives of
    two deceased people as if they were one. 
    The spate of bogus charges of repressed memories of widespread child
    molestation and satanic cults in recent decades underscore the unreliability of
    using hypnosis for recall of actual events, as discussed in Making Monsters:
    Psychology , False Memories and Sexual Hysteria by Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters.

    Michael Newton claimed that peopleunder hypnosis cannot lie, but this is a myth. As someone who is training to be
    a hypnotherapist, people can lie if they wish (the client is still fully in control of themselves during hypnosis). This also raises Michael Newton
    credibility as a hypnotherapist if he believes that common misconception.
    Next, one client claimed to be man called Ross Feldon who was a prosecuting attorney who lived in the state of Oklahoma
    during the 1880s. This person never existed.

    I was a former believer in Michael Newton. I am now a Gnostic Christian (a believer in Gnostic Christianity), and I
    now reject his work. I.
    A quote from an internet user called Tbtl (from the website Tricked by the Light) “Journey of Souls was my
    favorite book for years and years and I totally believed everything I read, but
    now in light of all the evidence of this theory I am not so sure. Kudos to Dr.
    Newton for lifting the veil behind our ordinary lives and he was keen enough to
    question whether the testimony he was being given was brainwashing,
    indoctrination or coercion, but I am not as willing to accept their testimony
    especially in light of descriptions such as souls being clustered together like
    grapes. Regressionists in the field of ufology have discovered screen memories
    that have been implanted in the minds of the alien abductees, a screen memory
    that serves as a cover for the real truth hidden beneath the surface layer. He
    also talks frequently of a client who took four to five thousand years to
    overcome the negative trait of jealousy. This just sounds questionable to me.
    Surely there must be a better way.”

  18. Question he should ask is how do they feel sharing information with humans, is it ok, how much can they share, as a human does my soul k ow these answers in spiritual form and how can we get them for comfort, growth and sharing.

  19. After you pass away will you be reunited with your family members? In Heaven not in Physical Form as a Human or some other Physical form ie: Animal, Alien etc…..

  20. I have bought this book twice so I could give it away to friends. Now I can have others listen on YouTube. This book has validated my spiritual experiences and gave me renewed hope.

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