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Grab Your Free 17-Point PhrasePress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: out the free WP & Online Marketing Summit For Beginners. The on-line occasion is June 18, 2020: Everywhere – Free Keyword Research Tool – Keywords Anywhere*Keywords Everywhere within the Chrome Store: our personal Facebook group right this moment! you have an interest find higher key phrases to your SEO then you do not wish to miss this free device.Keywords Everywhere is a superb little keyword research tool that may present you key phrase information proper inside instruments that you simply in all probability use daily together with Google search, YouTube, Bing search, Google tendencies, Amazon and extra.It will get itsinformation from the Google Keyword Planner, so if you do not have a Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) then this device is a must have.In the video, when I m not 100% centered on what I m saying I name it Keywords Anywhere as an alternative of Keywords Everywhere, haha.Here are 20+ the explanation why I host all my websites with SiteGround:*Post movies of your PhrasePress success utilizing the hashtag #WPLLCommunity!Get on the Unofficial Ultimate Guide To Elementor course ready checklist right here (no obligation): s the hyperlink for Elementor Pro (aff): Learning Lab Channel:

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  1. Hello it will be more good if you start a videos series on how to fix those errors which appear on gtmetrix and i am sure you will do it amazingly. On each error separate video so it will be helpful for many people. Waiting for your response about this

  2. You could not have better timing for me! Have been reading "so you think you can write" and just finished the chapter on doing keyword searches. This is perfect. Thank you.

  3. Look at you, with the laid-back background in the beginning! I like it 😛

    I've tried Keywords Everywhere, but found it just wasn't useful if I was searching keywords in my local language (danish). It was great for English language searches, but not at all accurate or helpful in Danish. Maybe they have fixed it since the last time I tried…might gve it another chance.

    Thanks for the walk through of it.

  4. I have been planning to use keywords for some time but have been more obsessed with getting web pages looking pretty. This is timely for me at the stage I am at now with some sites, so thanks a lot Bjorn.

  5. Following up my earlier comment, is it a case Bjorn that WP doesn't have a place to enter keywords for a page by default? And that presumably a plugin is required? Assuming both to be true, which plugin would you suggest or if there are a few, which do you think is easiest to use? Gracious thanks once again for all you are doing for the WP community.

  6. Here in 8.50 sec you told that competition is low since nobody has used this keyword in their respective blog post, but according to keyword everywhere competition is 1 which is very high, how is it so?

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