Mail Merge and Bulk Email in MS Word

This presentation exhibits bulk electronic mail recipients from MS Word utilizing information from an exterior one-table database. Each recipient will obtain a customized message through electronic mail.
To ship an electronic mail to every gross sales individual exhibiting how a lot product they’ve offered and a quick remark summarising their efficiency. Each electronic mail is to be customised.
Step 1.
Set up a one desk database. Each row is a file apart from the primary row, which accommodates the column headers or area names. Each column is a area. For the needs of this presentation, the desk has been created in MS Excel, on a sheet named Main.
The Excel file, named MyData.xlsx, serves as an exterior database file.
Step 2.
From the MS Word file, a connection is established between Word and the exterior database. The message is created from inside Word and fields are inserted from the exterior database into the Word doc.
Step 3.
The “If … then… else” rule is utilized to supply particular feedback relying on a specific area worth. The “Skip record if” rule is utilized to exclude sure data (i.e. people) from the mail merge or bulk electronic mail.
Step 4.
The emails are generated and despatched to recipients recognized within the exterior database. The emails are despatched by the default electronic mail shopper, which on this case was MS Outlook.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing wonderful tutorials. Just to know in Rules If…Then..Else is there any way we can send different letters? For example if the total is less than X amount then separate letter should go.

  2. Shortly after watching this video, I try exercising it in MS word 2010. For your information, it works well, and I will say?BRAVO to you for this nice peice of lesson. God bless you and your family.

  3. Is there a way to insert an "unsubscribe" link & implement it with Outlook for those recipients who wish to be taken off of your email list?

  4. Great video. Thanks for the instruction.

    However, I found that I can't save that document after completing the task. I ended up having to copy, paste and save it as a draft e-mail. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi,
    Is it possible to use mail merge for an email that you want to be sent on a specific date and time?? If so, how do you do so??


  6. How is it that he is sending multiple emails from Word? I dont understand how this works. Dont you do this mail merge thing from outlook?

  7. shit it would have been good to know that once I hit okay at the end that the emails would be sent…I was trying to do a test and ended up sending out a bunch of emails…

  8. can we choose which email we want the merged email to send out from? I tried and it always send out from one particular email which I am trying to change to other email accounts.

  9. I have a large number of e-mails that I want to use that are hard copy and must be typed into my email account. Before I begin this tedious work is there another app I should be typing these email into before I do an email merge? I have a yahoo account I'll be using. Thanks for making such a clear and easy to understand tutorial.

  10. This is was really helpful … I have a question … how do we set From email address during email merge

  11. I often sent MS word files vai gmail. but afrer opening the files received from me, some receivers observe that the words and sentences of the MS word file merge together one word with other. what is that?

  12. sir let me know that can we make table headings in rows instead of columns..i means to say can we make table row wise instead of columns wise.. likewise main heading will be in rows (in single column) and their data will be in next one column???????

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