Making Money on Instagram- What No One Told Me?

Todays video is all about earning money with Instagram and the three issues nobody instructed me. Who finds you, How does it work and How do you receives a commission?

WHERE I GET MY MUSIC (30 days free with this hyperlink)-

ny new camera-
my new lens-
my new microphone-
my most important digital camera –
My Tripod-
My (cheaper) Microphone-
my favourite lens-
my huge lens and vogging lens-
my lengthy lens-
my fuji x100f-
digital camera bag just like mine-

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  1. Great job and thank you very much for sharing this information! Is awesome to get some actual and helpful information regarding this topic. I would be dope if you made more videos about the business side of photography and videography! How to land jobs, how to get recognized etc. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the next video! ?

  2. This was really good and helpful, it’s always a great feeling to watch your videos because of how real you are and the great work you do. Thanks for sharing man

  3. hey I got a question. My Instagram bio does not have a proper information that how to contact me but there are two buttons either email me or either send me a text so that is the way the company can contact me .Is it ok? or I have to add contacting details in my bio?

  4. Nice. I have 18k followers, but never get much approached by anyone on IG other than my friends, and the usual fans.

  5. Hey Evan! I just love your videos and work 🙂 I was wondering, how do you like vloging with the X-H1? Do you use the 10-24mm? and what is the best focus setting you found for vloging? Thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks a lot for the sincere advice Evan! You're part of a couple accounts in my youtube subscription list I always make time to watch every video. Inspirational!

  7. Hi Evan, thanks for the great information and inspiration. Just stumbled over your account and im instantly a fan. Will be following along!?

  8. I have been though all those tactics and strategies which claims to help you make large amounts of cash within a small amount of time. As I was searching for another way, I was told about I am now a regular earner of a hundred bucks each day. Test it out.

  9. Hey Evan. Thanks for sharing. Does any of the agencies that contact you request your Instagram metrics? I spent a few years working in advertising operations and I know these days everyone wants to know what your "reach" potential might be. Depending on what those numbers are can determine how big of a pay day you might have.

  10. An attractive girl twerking for 30 seconds will get more followers than any guy with an interesting or intelegent opinion. No matter how important it is . You can declare you cured cancer & it still won't be enough. :/

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