Marketing Makeover Generator And Armand Morin Complete Review

Wow, I was so worried about writing this article, as I thought I had no idea who Armand Morin was. I could not even seem to get the spelling right.

Shame on me. I am, or have been several times in the past, a customer of his, and never even new it. Boy, that’s what I would call good marketing.

The first product I came in contact with from Armand Morin was Marketing Makeover Generator. This is a monthly membership that gives you the ability to create lead capture pages with integrated auto-responder services and the whole ball of wax.

Partnered with Alex Mandossian and Rick Raddatz, Armand Morin has created a real nice product portfolio. I use the Marketing Makeover Generator for several months.

I was able to easily create and use a custom lead capture page, complete with video and stand alone audio. Customer service was real good, and as I remember, so was the over all look and feel of the page I created. Next you are able to maximize the effectiveness of your page through different conversion tests.

If we were talking about niches, Internet marketer resources is the one Armand has gone with. Other products produced such as e-book generator, Sales Letter Generators and the Audio Generator program, all cater to the needs of real nice market, the home based business worker. The good news is that Armand’s products do work, and do help marketers to get the job done a little easier.

The only draw back to using any service that is ultimately hosted by a private, affiliate type program like this is that if they ever disappear, all your work could be lost. While using these easy generator type systems is a lot easier to get the wheels turning in the beginning, I feel that you are much better off building your web pages the old fashioned way, and then just pay for hosting with Go-daddy or something like that.

I guess Armand Morin and partners real “niche target market” is entry level Internet marketers, which after all is what a real niche market is all about, drilling down to smaller categories and then targeting them specifically.

Good job Armand for all your work online since the mid 90s, and for helping so many to find their way in the beginning, including me! Thank you.

Marketing Makeover Generator And Armand Morin Complete Review

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