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I didn’t come right here to study handshakes. I got here as a result of I wished to grow to be a greater # negotiator . Those had been the unlucky feedback of a seminar attendee. He didn’t understand that he’d ignored an enormous gambit within the negotiation course of.

A # handshake conveys vital data. The extra individuals trade them between each other, the extra data they convey. It can say, I’m feeling overly optimistic right this moment. It can say, my temper is considerably deflated. It may say that I’m going to dominate you as a result of I really feel superior right this moment.

Very few individuals perceive the worth transmitted after they clasp somebody’s hand. Are you conscious of such messages while you shake somebody’s hand?

After gaining insights from the next data, you’ll by no means have a look at, sense, or interpret a handshake as you’ve executed prior to now.


Some individuals equate a weak or wimpy handshake with somebody of the identical character. Be cautious of the assumptions you make.

A weak or wimpy handshake could ship a silent message of subservience. It will also be the disguise of somebody that’s considerably stronger in character than the handshake conveys. It’s one tactic that good negotiators use to dupe the opposite negotiator into perceiving a false sense of weak spot. That’s executed to amass perception into what the opposite negotiator would possibly do as soon as she sensed that she was coping with a mentally weaker opponent.

If you surprise in regards to the validity of such an individual, shake fingers a number of occasions throughout your interactions. Note the slightest diploma of change within the firmness of their handshake. To the diploma change happens, it’ll function a barometer indicating a change in character.


The supply of a bone-crushing handshake will be an try to show energy and dominance. It will be somebody’s lack of recognition of their energy associated to the hand they’re shaking. It may be an try to hide weak spot.

I recall a enterprise affiliate telling me that I shook his hand too onerous. I knew I possessed a agency handshake however I’d not thought-about it to be bone-crushing. My affiliate reiterated his assertion just a few occasions. After that, I used to be at all times extra attentive to not shaking his hand with the prior diploma of depth that I’d used earlier than.

The level is, should you do have a agency handshake, know when to reasonable it primarily based on the circumstances. If somebody delivers a bone-crushing handshake upon you, and it’s painful, take into account saying one thing. Then, be aware if any change happens. If it does, the particular person is displaying extra alignment with you. If it doesn’t, the particular person doesn’t care how you’re feeling. In both case, you should have gained priceless perception into the particular person.


The particular person controlling a handshake is the one which releases it final. A handshake on common final about 5 seconds. Thus, the particular person holding the hand of the opposite particular person the longest is stating that they’re not able to launch that particular person.

Take be aware when somebody extends a handshake cross what’s regular for the state of affairs. They could also be sending a subliminal message that they’re superior. They may also be holding your hand longer to consolation you or themselves. Therefore, be aware when such happens and the state of affairs through which it occurs. Doing so will will let you acquire extra perception as to why they’re committing that act.


In each negotiation, be aware its starting by means of the knowledge despatched by way of a handshake. If you grow to be attuned to its intent, you’ll have better perception into that particular person. That perception will add extra details about how one can negotiate higher with them … and all the things will likely be proper with the world.

Remember, you’re at all times negotiating!

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