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In this short article, I want to introduce you to Micro Niche Finder, a new keyword research tool that does more than any one piece of

niche finder package

that I’ve ever seen before.

You know the usual routine. You have to use one program to do keyword research, then you have go elsewhere to find assort programs to promote, then you need to open up yet other tool to investigate if there are any domain name calling available which would tie in.

Imagine if there was a SINGLE niche finder package tool that integrated all these things.

Well, there is.

Micro Niche Finder is a recent release by James Jones and it is a corker.

I’d say that Micro Niche Finder is in a class of its own.

For example, besides as the usual features (Search Count, Broad Match Count, Exact Match Count) that you would expect, this package has a feature that I think you’ll like. It’s the Strength Of Competition Indicator (SOC).


Click the “Get SOC” button and it does speedy calculations exploitation the number of Google pages and the number of searches for your particular keywords – and so it gives you a number and a red, green or yellow light.

Just like dealings lights on the road.

* The GREEN light tells you that the strength of competition here is low therefore it should be comparatively easy to rank in Google for this term.

* The RED light indicates strong competition so in essence don’t bother with this keyphrase.

* The YELLOW light suggests caution.

Now you do need the number of searches besides, but what a neat little visual extra.

As well as the colored balls here, Micro Niche Finder provides you with a SOC number which is measured from 3 critically important numbers. They are:

* inanchor – the number of webpages with backlinks that contain this term in the anchor text.

* intitle – the number of pages with the keyword phrase in the title tag.

* inurl – the number of webpages with the keyphrase in the URL.

When a keyword phrase has low counts for all 3 of these, you have found an superior phrase to build a webpage for.

Why? Because there are not many savvy webmasters agonistical here.

Why? Because savvy webmasters know to admit the keyphrase in those 3 places.

Niche Finder Software

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