Promotional Marketing Jobs – Is This Job For You?

When I first move to my current home, the street name was so long I would get writers cramp just writing it on envelops in the return address area. I kept thinking I wish I’d receive one of those letters that has a bunch of free stickers with my return name and address on them! That is an example of promotional marketing.

Promotional marketing jobs are part of a business marketing strategy that is designed to influence customers toward a buying decision. It is the balanced combination of calculated activities, giveaways, timing and presentation. This type of marketing typically includes branded gifts meant to raise response rates from potential customers as well as the overall effectiveness of additional marketing programs and strategies.

Typically, companies offering promotional marketing jobs require applicants to have a BS degree in marketing, communications or business, and a few years marketing experience in the specific industry the business belongs to (pharmaceutical, automotive, etc.)

These marketing jobs often include the following responsibilities:

1. Brand Management

– This would include developing and managing the companys’ brand and down-stream marketing functions.

2. Public Relations and Advertising

– Developing and executing annual marketing and promotional plans. Managing agency and vendors advertising, media, PR projects and publications. Involvement with product launch functions.

3. Trade Show Management

– Overseeing the design and running of conference strategies, managing speaker events, business consortiums and board meetings.

For those seeking promotional marketing jobs as a professional you’ll want to be comfortable with working under pressure, have excellent verbal, written and presentation skills and be a self-starter able to initiate and drive projects toward completion.

On the lighter side, jobs in promotional marketing are those related to marketing for, and promotion of any products or services. So, the work may be outdoor such as handing out flyers, or indoors such as helping with promotional events.

Promotional Marketing Jobs - Is This Job For You?

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