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  1. Ho, ho Rob! So far no dislikes! (Maybe I just jinxed it…). Nice show. I agree with you on Quibi and doubt it will catch fire despite being stuck home. Actually, that could work against it, since it was supposed to be used on the go! Lastly, congrats to Jim Boyers! The official Robserations "Easy Reader!" Morgab Freeman better watch out! 😃🤙

  2. PKD probably means Philip K Dick. By the way, he was a author that could hugely benefit from a neuralink device that could record and later present the exact scenarios/worlds the author would like to create. I can only imagine how much of the alternative dimensions PKD accessed were lost by the inadequacy of words and would normally demands the reader to drop some acid. It would be a halfway (but beyond) words and cinema. Some of PKD's scenes are simply beyond words and even usual images. If we cold just "download" exactly what the author had in mind when writing.

  3. The three biggest Quib's enemies: right arrow for skipping, pause button and 2x playspeed. Add those three and every video on youtube has a length equals to the time you have to watch it. If Quibi is successful, it will be incorporated into a streaming service (making the launching campaing meaningless). It is not a real competitor to youtube.

  4. Good show as always RMB! Missed it live so I could watch Angry Joe Show's season review of ST:PeeCard. Suffice to say his namesake is apropos to his feelings of STP.

    Yes Quibi is the complete antithesis of how I watch film/tv in general, I want to absorb all the details of the show/film not only for presentation, but clip style highlights only become "highlights" after it is viewed with proper context. (YT is a different beast IMO – clips or longform cellphone or telly depending what I feel like, but mostly I 100% agree with David Lynch when it comes to cellphone film/tv watching lol "Your fucking telephone?! Get real!")

    As a Gen-Xer I never understood Cliff's Notes either in high school/college, I want to understand what I'm digesting so I do "the work". Anyway have fun with Quibi Generation ADD. A generation that mostly seems to loathe context and thrives on 2min snark, social media style, always undercutting themes, earned emotion with hit & run efforts like Quibi. See ya on Elysaviews!

  5. Rob what is the source of your dislike for Quibi? I didn't watch the whole stream, but it seems like you have something against it. I get that Quibi is stupid. It's water off my back as I would never watch it. Why do you really dislike it so much though?

  6. It feels like Hollywood allowed A-list access to QuiBi on the condition of the 10 minute limit so as not to get away from them and threaten their business. It's very much like CBS fanfilm limitations. They still hold on to that notion that as long as it's shorter than their 30 minute with commercials limitation they can't be usurped.

  7. Ray Harryhausen was a genius. I love his work, especially with Clash of the Titans. In terms of his influence, I love Sam Raimis homage to him and the skeletons in Army of Darkness.

  8. Always a treat RMB! I think the only way anything in season 1 of Picard makes sense is through the theme of us vs. them. The Borg are now us, they are to be pitied, as you said, as victims, as the XB's are. Same with the synths. Same with Starfleet, and humans in general, many of whom are us vs. them, especially at the start of the show. Anyone who has an us vs them attitude is wrong. This is Sir Patrick commenting on both Brexit and POTUS. I agree with his POV, it's just so heavy handed.

    Saw a recent video from Major Grin that speaks of Kurtzman's point of view as well. AK is very aware of the controversies he's stirring up for Trek fans. He just doesn't care. He wants his Game of Thrones Trek and he's going to have it, damn it! If people can subscribe to GOT, they can subscribe to Trek! He knows his "maturing" of Trek is controversial, but he said that that's what he's doing so get used to it.

    On the other hand, As much as I find difficulty with, say, Star Wars, both JJ and Rian had a respect for the source material in that it has a similar tone, even if JJ doesn't world build well or explain what's going on, and Rian just did what he could to mess with every expectation. They still felt like the were playing in the same universe as Lucas.

    Star Trek does no longer. I'll watch it anyway. Because bad Trek is better than no Trek.

  9. @ Sam Oneill, if you want to sent Rob a package that´s cool. But don´t expect anything to happen soon in the opening category!
    Mine has reached that infamous PO Box over four months ago now. That premium shipping cost totally paid off. And with the situation right now i don´t expect anything happening 2020 at all. That Haribo can go straight into the trash bin. Can´t imagine being still in their expiration date.

  10. As a non-doctor, but someone with common sense, I recommend two Xanax with a side of tequila before every one of Trumps briefings. What’s the worst that could happen?

    Can I get a judgement @Willow Yang?

  11. the Movie evil is based on an even better book called evil or "Ondskan" in the original version…its greattttt!!!!!! the type of book that makes non readers want read more.

  12. I used to be averse to subtitles, but now I have to have subtitles to watch "Outlander"! And they think they're speaking Engllish!!! LOL

  13. Nearly everything I watch has subtitles, since english is not my mother tongue and most movies and series I see are american or british. So it's kind of funny to me when americans complain about having to read the subtitles and being distracted. That's not at all how I experience subtitles. Also, I really hate dubbing. Replacing someones voice in a movie destroys the movie imo. An actors voice is part of his or her performance. I'd just rather experience the original as it is meant to be seen, and read the subtitles if I dont understand the language.

  14. Why did they bring back Singled Out? I loved it in the 90s. That show was Jenny McCarthy.

    I stopped watching when Carmen Elektra took over. She was gorgeous yes, but the show needs that energy that McCarthy brought.

  15. People want instant satisfaction, especially the younger generation. And that's how it will be for the foreseeable future. They're used to Vine (now defunt), Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snap, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms that can give chunks of info and entertainment in easily digestible bite-size pieces.

    I feel that Quibi has a future, but it will be a slow burn, and maybe 5 years from now will be at it's peak zeitgeist confluence and be an avenue for a new generation of filmmakers push out content of proof-of-concept material that might be parlayed into something more long form like a TV show,or movie on another platform.

    If anything, Quibi will most likely be swallowed up by another established streamer or studio and be used as a barometer to guage the long form and long term interest of projects. A minor league for studios if you will.

  16. Enjoy your Robservations! Quibi? MEH! As you said, shelling out for yet another streaming service? Not happening. I have CBS All Access, maybe for a bit longer, I got it for Picard. I have Prime. Some of these streaming services are going to have to combine for lower prices, or go under, with current issues as they are. I have a Roku tv with a number of free channels. I'm good! Great mention on Kurosawa! Love his films! Take care, & be well!

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