Sanitation From A Laundry Service Vs. In-House Laundering

If you are running a hospital, you must know the importance of well laundered uniforms and linens. Because both are so constantly and frequently exposed to such a wide host of contaminants, it is critical for creating a safe environment to wash them frequently and after each use. Many hospitals use an in-house laundering system to wash their lines and uniforms. Though this is not an unreasonable option, there are many reasons to consider switching to professional laundry service for all of your sanitation needs. Just a few of these reasons include the savings you may enjoy, less staff and operations to keep track of, and simply a more thorough and sanitary end product. Here are a few more details on why going to professionals may be a better option than running an in house operation.


Though not paying for a professional laundry sanitation service may seem to be saving money at first, consider how much cost, both initial and continuous, actually goes in to running an in house system. First, you need to install all of the necessary equipment. This includes a boiler, washers, flat irons, presses, and dryers. Once the equipment is installed, it will require a good amount of upkeep and repair to maintain everything in proper working order. You will need a lot of water as well as sewage to run your machines. They will also require large amounts of detergent. Consider, also, all of the extra employees you will need to hire. For a hospital, you would need to pay for the salaries, benefits, and vacation time of laundry managers, supervisors, and personnel. Add to this mix the insurance and safety hazards inherent in a large laundry operation, and you have got quite an expensive operation. A professional laundry service may, in the long run, actually be saving you a good deal of money.


The other huge benefit of hiring a professional laundry service is quality. Professionals with years of experience are simply going to be better equipped to provide expertly done sanitation then an in-house operation. Staff is going to be extremely well trained by those who know exactly what they are doing, and the result will be perfectly sanitary as well as neat looking uniforms and linens. This can add to both the appearance of your hospital and the reduction of cross contamination that occurs. When you consider the benefits of convenience, cost, and quality, the choice will be easy.

Sanitation From A Laundry Service Vs. In-House Laundering

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