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SEO Extensions For Google Chrome You Need To Know About

If you are a serious webmaster you spend a good part of your time browsing the computer and a good browser to use is Google Chrome. Firefox is also a good browser but Google Chrome is much better because of the many add on’s it can give you.

Google chrome has probably the best SEO plug-ins or SEO extensions available for bloggers. Webmasters who are serious about SEO blogging can think of SEO plug-ins or extensions for use in search engine optimization, blogging can think of extensions for use in search engine optimization, blogging, keyword research and other SEO things to do for the sites improvement.

The big role of the SEO plug-in is to find your niche in your industry. Optimizing your blog can be through with big help from SEO plug-ins and some of these popular SEO plug ins are the following:

Chrome SEO. This is probably the most popular chrome ones available. It is a very powerful extension that rolls out lots of SEO information for your use.

This is also a keyword research tool which is very helpful in determination the in question keyword phrases for your blogs. It also shows the number of pages indexed in the site.

It also shows the dealings to your blogs and also will show rankings of your blogs. It can also show the cached version of your pages.

Social bookmarking counts can be shown with this plug-in extension. Domain details can also be shown with this plug-in.

SEO site tool. This Chrome SEO extension is probably the second most popular SEO plug-in, and is next in popularity to Chrome SEO. A lot of SEO statistics can be rolled out with these extensions and also extra features can be shown.

This SEO extension displays Meta tag information and also anchor tags. Additional information can also be shown like “do follow” and “no follow” attributes.

This extension also provides HTML/CSS validation of your blogs. Additional information like page rank can also be made available.

A site analysis of areas like title tags, image tags, and other elements can also be shown. This extension is sure enough a helpful tool that you can use.

Page rank display. This SEO Chrome extension will quickly display the page rank of a site that you want to visit on the web. This is a great plug-in tool because of simplicity in its use.

There is also other Chrome extensions available that is small in popularity but can be of good use also. The Keyword EYE is a visual keyword research tool for SEO, blogging, and other SEO strategies.

The use of these SEO extension plug-ins can really help serious webmasters doing blogging efforts. And the greater advances of acquiring accrued search engines results pages are the greater benefits.

SEO Extensions For Google Chrome You Need To Know About

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