SEO: How To Rank #1 For 1,100 Key Phrases On Google FAST! (2019)

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Want to rank for 1,100 all different key phrases on Google? Watch this video to observe how we assembled free site visitors value over $24,000 in lower than a yr.

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SEO: How To Rank #1 For 1,100 Key Phrases On Google FAST! (2019)

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  1. What you haven't mentioned (which is very important) is how your overall domain history and ranking is likely pushing your ranking for new keywords on new pages. This wouldn't work for new, low ranking domains or domains without history imo, certainly not as well.

  2. Fuck, I'm regretting not getting in when it was only $650 and taking new students, too. Didn't mean to take this long saving up while also forgetting about the whole damn course due to S.O.S., it's A real thing…

  3. Great way to get it ?!

    I am looking for folks to collab with… We can start with liking and commenting for each other and grow our group of likers and commenters. HMU!

  4. I need to point this out, to keep your information factual:

    -You are ranking for 1,100 keywords on google, altogether.
    – You are not #1 on google for all 1,100 search terms!
    – Your average search term is positioned #81 (from 1-100)…. And some of those terms you are #1 for, but most of them you are not.
    -You went 7 entire days on google without getting a single click from any of the impressions you've made.

    You are doing pretty good overall, but its nothing insane. Over time your positioning will increase, as long as google doesn't flag your tactics as black hat and spam score any of your activity. Once you get flagged, you will probably need to go with a new domain name. 🙁

  5. Another great video Ruan!! Defiantly going to add more location pages to the site and start getting them ranked. Do you think by State is the best method or would city work? Look forward to your next video.

  6. My website is new but i bought expired domain. Should i make these high authority domain backlinks.its legal firm website any suggestions.
    Give me your course i will pay you once i get the results on my website.

  7. Hola Ruan, este mensaje est? en espa?ol y est? traducido para que puedas entender lo siguiente. Admiro mucho tu video porque he aprendido mucho y espero poder hacer negocios con SEO. Soy de Colombia, no hablo en ingl?s, todos los videos que puse al traductor a una velocidad de 0.5 para poder entender. (Me gustar?a que hiciera un anuncio de video de AdWords para colocar el anuncio pagado en primer lugar) Soy su fiel seguidor. Espero que alg?n d?a gane un curso. Le agradezco mucho.

  8. I usually don’t post a comment until I understand entirely.there is so much info here ….having to watch continuously . Thank u Ruan! Yr a great inspiration!

  9. Such an great practical session, … Very transparent … Really your are huge man…. Take some practical session that "what's different between WordPress SEO and developed site SEO" As comparison…… Many of them are getting confused…. Lol just an idea for your next video….. Cheerup man…. Have a good day.

  10. Hi Ruan,
    How on earth does a guy so young have so much great information?
    Man,I am loving the great stuff you are putting out.
    I am definitely going to spread the word amongst my followers.
    You are the “real deal”

  11. I watched most of Your SEO video ruan, those are very sticky, informative, and I love your transparency and?the real value that you are giving to these videos. I had problems with backlinking, PBNs, and some tools that I was using for SEO before I found this channel.there are a lot more thing to learn.keep up good work..

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