SEO, Social Media And Online Reputation Management – The Trinity Of Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media and Online Reputation Management (ORM) are sometimes confused, with the great number of people think that these three are same. Moreover, there is some self-explanatory cross-over, the three have entirely different focuses and follow very different outcomes. Here, in that article, we are about to discuss a bit more about their grandness and uses.

It is said search engine optimization, online reputation direction social media are the trinity of cyberspace marketing. Let us discuss a bit about SEO, Social Media and ORM first.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is generally concerned about acquiring a website rank in search engines or to rank better for products and/or services related search terms. It is nothing but a process of increasing the chances of your website to be listed in the first page or first in the search results of popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing so forth.

  • Importance of SEO

    : It is a viable marketing outlet that can bring your business more qualified leads too as customers. It can have better return on invested capital than traditional forms of marketing, e.g. television and/or print advertisement. It is good for business visibility and branding. SEO can bring dealings to business and give unmatched insight into customers.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a bunch of techniques and strategies for promoting awareness of a brand, publication, product, etc. (the brand, publication or product can be personal or for business), on social media, particularly by encouraging the sharing of content that help attracts the end number of people to a specific website.

  • Importance Of Social Media

    : Social media sometimes used for marketing, especially for online marketing, then social media changed its name as social media marketing. It can increase your brand awareness. Social media can help online marketing to validate the brands. When your company’s social media presence dead correctly, it tells customers that your company’s brand is active and focused on thriving communication with the customers. It provides a targeted way to promote your brand to your potential customers. It can boost dealings to your individual or business website, grow a huge community of fans and following and can quickly generate new business. It can help your search superior too.

Why Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation direction is about rising your personal or business name or good standing of your brand. This is by countering or eliminating the negative feedback found in the cyberspace – defeating them with more positive feedback, comments or reviews to improve your believability and customers’ trust on your name or brand.

  • Importance of ORM

    : Online reputation is your image on cyberspace. In these days, online reputation has become imperative for business of all types for monitoring, distinguishing and influencing the digital reputation of brands. It is important and not just about protective what you already have, but exploitation your online reputation as a part of your marketing campaign to drive new business and increase sales.

The technology around us is developing at an exponential rate. At no point in human story have we had the real capability as both organizations too as individuals to reach, engage, interact and connect with end number of people, locally and globally, and for sure in real time. Digital media has out and out changed the conception of modern marketing, making it more inculpative than ever for business organisation and institutions both small and large to have a voice inside the online realm.

Digital media and marketing, for instance, search engine optimization, social media marketing and online reputation direction have evidenced its value to businesses of all sizes and types by offering the following powerful features.

  • Instant communication

    – Digital media and marketing allows real-time conversions between business and organizations and their customers and members.

  • Feedback

    – Businesses can get qualitative and quantitative information about the things going on the targeted market by attractive and requesting for feedback.

  • Advertising

    – Digital media provides a targeted way to promote your marque to potential customers.

Benefits of Using SEO, Social Media and ORM

When it comes to increasing search superior, promoting business and building positive awareness, they take lot of time and effort to build too as maintain company’s online reputation. SEO, Social Media and ORM can give that. The benefits are:

  • Help increase dealings, i.e. visitors to the targeted website and exposure.
  • Encourage following and fans.
  • Improve search superior.
  • Build online reputation, build name and brand value.
  • Expand business and improve sales.
  • Give marketplace insight.
  • Build trust and believability.

SEO and Social Media is not online reputation direction

. No doubt, reputation direction services let in SEO social media component. But, when it comes to comprehensive online reputation direction campaigns, SEO is far from the whole story. Let us get a load at the key differences of SEO, Social Media and Online Reputation Management.

To understand the basic differences of SEO, Social Media and ORM, we need to understand the buyers’ journey. The buyers’ journey consists of three important stages:

  • Awareness:

    The buyers can easily articulate a need or a problem, but not even aware of any possible solution. He or she likes to attend southeast Asia but may or may not have ideas where to stay or what to do there, so he or she can search for “destination in Southeast Asia,” “things to neutralize Southeast Asia,” etc.

  • C


    He or she now knows to have a week to spend and a specific budget in mind, but does need to create an itinerary, like the place to visit, thins to do, food to eat, things to buy etc. He or she searches for “things to neutralize Hong Kong” and “motels or restaurants in Shanghai”.

  • Decision:

    The buyer has an itinerary and needs to find particular providers in his or her destinations, like “Hyatt in Hong Kong,” “cable car in Hong Kong,” “CCTV Tower in Shanghai,” etc.

Last, but for sure not the least, online reputation direction often uses what might be considered or something hardball maneuver that fall outside the view of conventional SEO and Social Media. Whether your business lives and dies by reviews on impactful online publications, then you need to optimize such sites properly and address those negative entries, like calumnious remarks, derived content, improper material etc. that you do not control.
SEO, Social Media And Online Reputation Management - The Trinity Of Internet Marketing

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