Single Keyword Ad Groups- How and When to make use of SKAGs

Do you utilize SKAGs? Yes, SKAGs – That s what the children are calling single key phrase advert teams today. (Leave it to Millennials to provide you with a classy identify for optimizing your advert teams!)Read full article – up for our FREE AdPhrases Course – it seems, I m old fashioned. I ve been utilizing SKAGs since earlier than that they had a reputation. So, I ve loads historical past with single key phrase advert teams.SKAGs are all the craze proper now as a result of the PPC neighborhood has found out this can be a constantly worthwhile technique!But like most issues folks get all labored up about – There s a time and place for every thing. So earlier than you rush off to begin breaking down your advert teams…Let s take a deeper look. There s a purpose why this technique works, and there are some shortcuts to implementing single key phrase advert teams in your campaigns.On the opposite hand, there are additionally some situations the place this technique can kill your AdPhrases account (or pronounce it DOA).How to make use of single key phrase advert teams (SKAGs)To perceive how single key phrase advert teams work, we ve to take a step again, and take a look at primary AdPhrases account construction.An AdPhrases account homes all of your dataIn AdPhrases, your account identifies you with Google and controls your billing settings.An account can have many campaignsWithin in an account, you ve campaigns. The marketing campaign degree is the place you management the primary settings to your adverts. You set issues like each day funds, location focusing on, language and community focusing on at a marketing campaign degree.When most individuals get began with AdPhrases, they solely create one marketing campaign for his or her adverts. This isn t any bueno!To turn out to be environment friendly together with your adverts, you need to create a number of campaigns. Running multiple marketing campaign lets you check your focusing on settings.A marketing campaign ought to have many advert teamsEvery marketing campaign comprises advert teams. And you possibly can have a number of advert teams inside a marketing campaign. Ad teams include your adverts and your key phrases.An advert group can have many key phrasesEvery time somebody does a google search they enter a search time period, or key phrase. Keywords are what set off your adverts. The nearer your adverts match the search, the extra doubtless they re to show. Ads that match the search are additionally a greater expertise for the person.The operate of an advert group is to arrange your key phrases and adverts in a tightly matched, nearly one-to-one, relationship.Healthy account constructionA decent relationship between key phrases and adverts is what I confer with as “healthy account structure.”But most new advertisers do not create this sort of detailed account construction. Instead, they wind up trusting Google s account setup course of.And, Google is more than pleased to present you unhealthy AdPhrases recommendation.If you observe Google s default course of for establishing your account, you may have one marketing campaign, one advert group, and one advert. And your single advert will likely be matched to about 100 generic and overpriced key phrases.Think about adverts and key phrases from a person perspective. Are you extra prone to click on on an advert that matches your Google search, or an advert that is completely generic? I d say that roughly 100% of the time, customers choose adverts that match their search.Google desires you to be inefficientThe AdPhrases arrange course of is dumbed down as a result of Google desires you to get you began promoting rapidly. And they profit from you being inefficient. When you are inefficient, you pay extra for advert clicks, and Google makes extra money!Did you understand that Google made $110 Billion {dollars} in 2020? I simply appeared it up at this time and my head exploded!How many branches does your AdPhrases account have?Think of your AdPhrases account like a household tree. You can have a wholesome household tree that branches out huge and much.Or, you possibly can observe Google s account setup course of, and construct a tree that solely has one department. We all know what occurs to household timber with just one department.Tight advert teamsFor years, I ve advocated for one thing known as “tight” advert teams. In a decent advert group, key phrases and adverts match carefully to precisely. The tightest advert group is a one-to-one relationship between the key phrase and the advert.Single key phrase advert teamsSKAGS are advert teams designed with a one-to-one relationship between the foundation key phrase and the advert.Let s see what this appears to be like like in apply. Below is model new advert group from my Agency Course.The root key phrase for this advert is – company course.In my SKAG I ve three variations of this key phrase:- Broad match modified- Phrase match- Exact matchAdding lengthy tail key phrasesTo make my single key phrase advert group extra granular, I can construct out lengthy tail phrases on my root key phrase.Adding the phrase on-line offers me one other variation of my root key phrase.As you get extra granular together with your advert teams, you possibly can have 50 to 100 s of variations of your root key phrase in your skag. Read full article –

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  1. So Jeff, as I understand from your advice, one should first do the things "Google" suggested way with a pair of campaigns with a couple adwords. Then when ball is rolling just blow-up the campaings to SKAGs and then Google is happy too?

  2. thanks Jeff really helpful video! I just have one question that I'm curious about, why you (or should I say we cause I will definitely use this technique as well) need to create SKAGs with the same keywords in different match type? Can't we just use the one match type preferably exact match? And if I may also ask, is "Exact Match" more expensive than other match types? I will really appreciate your answer and thanks in advance cheers! 🙂

  3. Interesting.. i just found myself watching a PPC guru video! One question if you allow me..You said Google might bury you of having time of the day reports.Has this happened to you? Will i be barred from having some types of reports if i use SKAG?

  4. Thanks for this video Jeff – can you give some info on bidding on the different match types? Do you bid more on exact, less for phrase and the least for broad modified? (so that the keywords are not competing with each other at auction?

  5. Thanks for an awesome tute Jeff. I launched my first search and shopping campaign yesterday and for my search campaign I tested the SKAG approach. After watching this you have mentioned that Google will not like this considering I am a new user. Do you have a tutorial on the best structure for new users? Much appreciated!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I'm 3 weeks into learning and implementing campaigns etc, myself. I've started going super granular before seeing your video however your comments re Google burying new accounts has me cautious now. My account is new in terms of me starting it up again and moving, changing and doing things, spending money, within Google ads however the account was started 6 yrs ago; where does this leave me in terms of your comments re Google not liking what I'm doing (being super efficient)? Much appreciated. Ryan.

  7. Thank you for your video, Jeff. I just started SKAGs a few days ago, and Google has buried my ads account. I talked with a Google Ad representative and he told me I could not do this approach. That my keyword in the style of broad match modified, phrase match, and exact match in one ad group was not allowed and conflicted with each other. This was his reason my ads were not being showed. I tried to argue with the Google representative, but he tried to make feel like a dumb as you know what. LOL, yes it pissed me off. I know SKAGs work because this is not the only video that shows great results from the SKAG technique. It was crazy talking to the Google rep, when I tried to explain why SKAGs work, I used Google's own language. I told the rep the same things you said about getting granular helps the customer and ads connect, and you give the customer what they are looking for. Then the rep agreed with me for a moment, then I guess Google brainwashed the reps to teach us the in-efficient way of advertising, so the rep went back to chastising me again for using SKAGs. Anyways, keep up the great work. I look forward to your next video and will check out your PPC course.

  8. I have a very difficult time with google choosing the right ads to show and by choosing the wrong ads to display for a keyword, it goes to the wrong landing page, which turns to decrease CTR, Reduce Quality score and increase bounce ratio.

    Typical Example:

    ADS keyword
    1. ADS12 ——————–[Buy shoes]

    2. ADS34——————–[Buy shoes in Poland]

    Noting that these are exact keywords match to particular ads

    When some one searches on google or using diagnostics in google.

    These are the results you get below:

    ADS keyword
    1.ADS34 ——————–[Buy shoes]

    2. ADS12——————–[Buy shoes in Poland]

    How can I fix this so i can get the right CRT, Increase quality score and reduce bounce ratio:

  9. Amazing content my man Jeff, I've been studying E-Commerce for the past 4 years and have worked hands on with social media and running ads for (Facebook/Instagram) Would love to see you drop a video or maybe comment some feedback on how ads are targeted. Specifically today I was searching up superfoods via (Yahoo&Google) and speaking about it all morning. This is not the first time i've noticed Instagram listen to what I talk about or comment with friends and specifically run a targeted ad based on what I just talked about or looked up. What are the ways of approaching this style of Ad keywords with correlation inside google and to social media. Thanks again, I made sure to subscribe and will be attending the ADworld Experience this 2020, cheers!

  10. Thanks Jeff. u said it might not work for new accounts and we have to build up our way, what do u mean? how should i do that? i have spent money in last 10 days through typical ads with tons of keywords and my ad brought me nothing. i mean i was literally buried. now i want to try SkAGs as u said. is it ok?

  11. THANK YOU Jeff. I have always been convinced that the best way to know the best keywords is "knowing your customers, how they request for service, the words they actually use, how they verbalize their business situations", there is NO WAY that google will know that. They may have yes, all the statistics, but having a 100,000 search for one word does not mean that this would fit into a particular service. But you call the google executives and it is all about the system's recommendations,. IT IS NOT. This comes from real understanding of customers and using their SAME language. I was really annoyed by the google executive attitude yesterday. Great Video !

  12. Would you let us know more about (and if) one campaign may cannibalize another campaign if run at the same time? Thanks again for these videos.

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