The Google Gamble – Search Engine Optimization SEO Book for Small Business

In this video, Tim talks about The Google Gamble, a layman’s guidebook about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small enterprise. It explains how search works, lays out Google secrets and techniques and helps you create a SEO plan. This Google books explains SEO for inexperienced persons in 2014. It This Search Engine Optimization focuses on SEO for small enterprise. This is a superb ebook about SEO, how SEO works, how Google Search works, and the way Google Keywords work together with SEO.

Does S.E.O. Scare you? Are you even certain what site visitors is, or
why it’s so vital?

You don’t want Computer Science diploma to develop your corporation on-line and offline. What you want is smoking scorching site visitors. The Google Gamble reveals you the way.
• Discover how Google works and what you might want to do to consistently adapt
• Find out multi-level methods that deliver new results in your corporation
• Learn find out how to discover and rent official SEO assist whereas avoiding the charlatans

With The Google Gamble you’re now not playing however making knowledgeable selections.
• What is site visitors and the way do I make it chilly, heat, or smoking scorching?
• Does my web site have superior Google-ready content material?
• What are meta-tags and the way can they assist me?
• What are backlinks and article advertising and the way can they assist and even harm me?
• Why is video is changing into extra highly effective than net copy?
• What is Google Analytics, why is it vital and the way does it work?

“I’ve seen CEOs hire so-called SEO experts who use bad technique then boom! Google finds out and you get slapped. Your traffic vanishes. Oops!”

Tim has written quite a lot of books on readability, technique and mindset with a selected give attention to expertise and content material.
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Tim Levy is an writer, speaker, guide and coach. He works with CEOs and entrepreneurs on readability, technique and mindset. He routinely speaks for peak organizations like Vistage International, CEOSpace International and Secret Knock. He has a selected give attention to net expertise and digital content material together with books, CDs, on-line coaching and broadcast tv. Tim’s focus is to radically speed up and allow extremely purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs of their enterprise and private lives.


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  1. Our company has invested very little in Google traffic building simply because we DO want a search engine optimization plan that works for business but it seems expensive and risky if you will get results for your seo campaigns. Your Google Gamble seo guidebook sounds like it has plenty of tips and tricks on finding effective experts we can trust. That might be a good place to start. We subscribed and will check out the book. Thanks for the tips.

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