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The Importance Of On-Page SEO And Its Effect On SERP

Search engine optimization is one of the basic internet marketing techniques used by many web masters to increase the visibility of their websites in Search Engine Result Pages. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the main sources of organic (free) traffic to the websites. To achieve the top rankings for a website is not an easy job as it involves a lot of well-planned and sincere efforts. SEO services to optimize the website are a long term and on-going task.

SEO is mainly done as on-page & off-page and both the techniques are essential for a successful marketing campaign. Some SEO service providers say that off-page techniques influences are given more weight than that of on-page factors. However the use of on-page SEO techniques increases the chances of a website getting indexed by different search engines. Also the quality of content and its uniqueness plays a very important role in the performance of a website. Search engines are very strict in this respect and always give high importance to unique content.

Some important On-Page optimization factors:

The site should be search engine friendly and optimized well with the most useful and relevant keywords on the best places on the site pages maintaining the optimal keyword density and keyword proximity. Also there are many other on-page

SEO tips

that directly affect the performance of the website that mainly includes-

Site should not have any broken or dead links, images or orphan pages

The internal structure of the website should be maintained

Site should have the quality and relevant content that should be updated regularly

Site pages should be optimized with the useful and relevant keywords in title, meta tags, content, header tags, alt texts, etc.

The keyword should be evenly divided among the content. If the keyword is not properly used, it may be declared as spam.

The site should have simple and XML sitemap which is used by crawlers.

Although the search engines bots are able to crawl the website present on the hosted server but it is good to submit the website manually to major these engines and relevant categories of the top directories. All the search engines have this option on their help pages. Also if you have any other indexed website, you can place the link of your website there such that the new website will immediately get crawled.

Also Google Webmaster Tools provide the good option to submit the XML Sitemap for free ensuring all pages to be cached properly and it also provides the other useful information about the site as per the Google point of view on On-Page SEO done on the website. After each and every update on the website, the webmasters should submit the XML sitemap.

The Importance Of On-Page SEO And Its Effect On SERP

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