The Ultimate Guide to the Pull-Up // Master the Mid Range 🔬

The pull-up, whether or not within the mid vary or previous that three level line, is a tough shot. It includes a ton of shifting items, and requires steadiness, energy, timing, correct footwork, and a lot extra. So I figured I’d cowl at the very least some important keys on this first video to throw y’all some ideas for pull-ups. Stay tuned for the subsequent components…

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  1. I dont care how tall a guy is or how high he can jump, once they are going to the side and/or backwards they can't jump high enough to contest it, especially jumping at a moments notice

    A guy with a 40 inch vertical will only have a 20 inch vertical when back padding and/or going side ways

  2. My baby is becoming a toddler and his diaper situation is evolving. I saw the title of the video and for sure I thought I was going to step-up my Huggies' game.

  3. after MJ its kobe who has the best mid range game, as he ages he combined his elite mid range game with crafty low post moves, after kobe i think melo is the next best out there when it comes to mid range game,he can bully with his power, blow by with his quick 1st step or just use a jab step then pull up, after melo then its CP3 with his pull up, cp3 uses his ball handling skills and his passing threat to do his trademark pull up jumper. pull jumper from mid range is one of the favorite go to moves of the NBA's elite scorer as it provides many options, u can either blow by a defender, bait at foul after a pump fake, create a scoring option for another team mate or just swish it. its not entirely dead but its about the culture and trend in basketball right now. mid range game and low post game will always be there, players who uses only one motion shots doesn't have a pull up thats why they prefer using a tear drop when penetrating.

  4. You should've also made an emphasis of the hip rotation for balance when going in your dominant hand. Same as the kicking of the foot when going to your non-dominant hand during pull ups.

    Otherwise, Great vid, man!

  5. This dude really knows what he is talking about, my high school coach has been a national coach and has coached overseas in America, and studied michaels and allen iversons body movement when he was younger. He explains those to me which that information comes back in these videos, keep up the work

  6. Can't lie, some of you YT'ers deserve mainstream airtime. I'm about 15 yrs removed from trying to make the league but you make me want to get out there. Keep dropping the jewels for the young ones.

  7. 3:26 This drive by TMac ends with one of the most impressive reverse layups you'll ever see. Reigning DPOY Ben Wallace was down low, so TMac just glided past him out of bounds before laying it in on the other side, while his body is still behind the backboard.

  8. I’m coming into grade 8 and for me this is where my real basketball journey starts, obviously my game is gonna be based off this channel so if In 7 years I’m in the nba I’m gonna donate as much as I can to this channel for helping me get there

  9. Mid range is my fav shot. Ppl dont kno how to defend it. Especially when they go under the screen thats instantly a bucket. You can bait anybody into any shot you want especially if you gotta handle and footwork.

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