Watch Me Do Live SEO Audits (2019 Search Engine Optimization)

I’ve a while to kill and can do an SEO audit in your website in case you come cease by πŸ™‚

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”

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  1. You mentioned you would place links in the description to some of the web software tools you're using. I'm not seeing any links. It would be helpful when watching THIS video. Mostly some of the free software services. Thanks!

  2. I haven't watched all of your videos yet, but I'd love to see a video "a day in SEO expert's life" πŸ™‚
    Getting clients, interacting with them, dealing with difficult customers, submitting proposals etc. Maybe like a mini series.

  3. This is the first video of yours I've found and watched. I really hope you have tutorials for beginners because I really want to learn SEO and freelance to create my own income. That's pretty much my dream. I recently decided to try to learn to be the middle man and find people searching for SEO and other services then hook them up with a freelancing looking for that specific work, making a commission. Haven't started yet, too worry I'll do it wrong lol. Should be able to use Fiverr, Upwork, maybe craigslist and not sure what else. It sounds possible.

  4. Chase love your work as always, always learn new things no matter how many times I watch or rewatch a video. one thing I alway wondered though, have you ever sat done and outline a procedure, rather than bouncing around so much, i know your waiting for dif tool and info from the site owner, and the : wait a second drank too much coffee" : ) – cheers and thank you endless for making our community one the best in the tech world…

  5. Man your mouse-movements are catastrophic, i feel like im in a "24h Wipe-Out" Game. Next time better smoke a joint befor u start a video πŸ˜‰

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