We Went To Gay Conversion Therapy Camp (Part 1/3)

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Conversion remedy is the follow of “curing” homosexual individuals by making an attempt to show them straight by way of counseling and life-style restrictions. The follow dates again to the early Freudian interval, when homosexuality was thought of pathological and makes an attempt to deal with it have been deemed acceptable. Today, nevertheless, homosexuality has been faraway from the American Psychiatric Association’s checklist of psychological issues, and conversion remedy is taken into account ineffective, dangerous, and probably lethal.

Regardless of a nationwide battle towards the acceptance of identical?-sex marriage and equal rights for homosexual individuals, conversion remedy remains to be an issue, and it is being practiced each single day within the United States and all through the world.

In this particular report, VICE will get unique entry to one of many lots of of gay-conversion-therapy organizations, teams, and periods within the United States. At the Journey into Manhood program, males pay greater than $600 to attend a weekend retreat the place they take part in workouts and actions the employees members declare will assist them battle their same-sex ?orientation. The solely qualification to turn into a employees member is to have efficiently accomplished this system.

The report meets with the founding father of reparative remedy, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, who’s illegally training on minors within the State of California, and investigates the controversial authorized battle to battle conversion remedy for people beneath 18 years of age. We additionally journey to the annual Gay Christian Network Conference, converse with former “ex-gay” leaders together with John Smid of Love in Action, who’s now married to his homosexual associate, and listen to the grueling tales of the people who’ve survived this brutal follow.

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  1. As a Christian, I am disgusted with "Christians" who believe that abusing gay PEOPLE through conversion therapy is acceptable.
    It's not okay. It's so wrong that it hurts my heart. It's cruel and inhumane. ?????

  2. The staff wear a pouch of magic seeds… dude could barely keep a "straight" face while he said that lol I hope everyone who did this found a soulmate there and laughed about there journey in to manhood weekend adventure. Makes me sad this still exists

  3. You are gay because trauma that your mother cost u, because your father was to weak to protect u. Forgive ur mother and you'll return back to natural state of being straight man/woman.

  4. I can’t imagine going into therapy where they tell you, you are wrong the way you are. This is emotional abuse of the highest level.

  5. I'm sorry but if society didn't have religions saying it was wrong, I don't think we'd have this. And btw you can be married and.have kids and be gay! God doesn't care, love is love and THAT'S what matters.

  6. Closeted men do trying to supress their homesexuality through children's theatre workshops? Looks like Ru Paul on a heroin addiction

  7. The way it's presented in this video, it doesn't seem abusive to me. It's presented as a place and a way for men who don't want their homosexual feelings to diminish them. It's kinda like going to a camp lose weight and to diminish one's desire for junk food. Homosexuality is being dealt with like any therapy would deal with gluttony or excess. It was clear that those men who are happy with their homosexual feelings were not being shamed or rejected or blamed for anything; this camp isn't for them. I have to admit, though, that "Jack" and "seeds" and having those seeds in a pouch around your neck seem pretty Freudian.

  8. My cousin was pressured into going through this therapy by his mormon church. He hung himself in 2017. Rest in peace Stephen Justensen and fuck the mormon church!

  9. I'm not American and I'm shooked you guys still have those , it's insane your supposed to be the most liberal & free country in the world …. Like even in my country we don't have those for 40 years

  10. All of these guys who told the stories about how they knew they didn’t want to be gay were misplacing the blame on there homosexuality, the first one felt empty because he wanted a father figure, not because he was gay, the second guy was bullied and feared his life because he was gay, he just wanted a normal life and being married to a woman was what he thought a normal life was

  11. I’m watching a grown man make goose noises and make a fake goose pop out golden eggs in attempt to make people straight… I’m gonna head out

  12. If homosexuality is a “social construct” then why are there like thousands of other species on the planet that have innate homosexual attractions? Lmao

  13. The people who run this nonsense are miserable heterosexuals. They don't care, they just want to start some covert narcissistic bullshit because they see how happy homosexuals and gays truly are.

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