What Is A Sales FunnelAnd How To Create One That Actually Makes Money

So, you need to generate income on-line, however the place do you begin? What is a gross sales funnel? How do you promote it to the appropriate viewers? Look no additional as a result of Click onFunnels creator, Russell Brunson, will train you! Become an knowledgeable and alter your life. Subscribe:

In this video, he will likely be instructing you advertising fundamentals so you’ll be able to construct a gross sales funnel, and promote it successfully. This video is an element of a bigger sequence the place Russell is supplying you with coaching on not simply how you can use clickfunnels however on how you can improve your on-line gross sales.

Want to study extra about how you can construct a gross sales funnel? Join us at Funnel Hacker TV. Our channel is made for entrepreneurs such as you, and you’ll discover entry to enterprise recommendation, clickfunnels (our gross sales funnel software program) tutorials, and free assets which embody Russell’s books Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

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One of the very best methods to discover ways to construct a stable gross sales funnel is to hack a funnel, which we do each friday LIVE. Join us as we break down and construct up all several types of funnels from physicial product funnels to squeeze pages:

Proof that with the appropriate instruments and market, you’ll be able to promote something on-line:

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What Is A Sales FunnelAnd How To Create One That Actually Makes Money

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  1. Is this video about funnels or about upselling??
    You told us your story and said that funnels are like the evolution of websites, but you never explained them in concrete. Such as:
    Funnels are… (diagrams, or whatever). They originated because…
    Before funnels people did like that, but not with funnels they can do like this…

  2. I was able to quit my fulltime job after 7 months doing affiliate marketing. The very first step to starting any online business is learning to create sales funnels. There is no way around it. I wish I had learned that sooner.

  3. russell My name is Crystal and I have been trying to make money online for almost a year and I have not made a dime but also I dont have a dime to invest. I am my dads caregiver and I have siezures so i cant work but from home. l dont know what im doing but i have a miillion ideas in my head that will bring money

  4. Thanks for the sales funnel explanation. However the math on your upsell is missing subtracting from $52 the costs you paid for the DVDs and the potato gun kits + overhead costs. So your actual profit had to be far less than $52.

  5. Hey bro when you're starting out on a shoestring I have a product the skin care product that's a one-of-a-kind product that's yet to be discovered I've gone to farmers markets and then make a few bucks consistently. now to create a funnel with this product.. selling them two for the price of one might generate more business but I'm losing money to add to this product? That's where I'm at a loss I hope to hear back from you look forward to hear from you God bless bye for now Ken

  6. Thanks ? Made my own YouTube channel after following Russell Advice….Have a look at it Any feedback would be appreciated n Subscribing won't hurt either ?

  7. Currently, i am using clickfunnels to get sales. First page is an email opt in page and second page is the sales page whereby customers will key in their emails again. If i want to split the audience into two lists – paid customers and non-paid customers, how can i do that? so that both lists will receive two separate sets of follow-ups. thanks in advance!

  8. So glad I've found this. I've heard a lot of this before, but you give that little bit extra that makes a huge difference. I had all these terms and strategies in my head but never knew how to connect them all together and implement them. So many make books that seem to always fall short by not telling you how to apply what they are speaking of. I guess that's the difference between just telling people all the right stuff and educating them on it. Thank you.

  9. Only now I understand what funnels mean thanks to your very basic and simple explanation and thanks to Sillicon Girl for recommending your audio book as well that I watched just now.

  10. Excellent Mr. Brunson. Learned a lots. But my question is: how do you make sure you create a returning customers to your funnels?

  11. I think you may have just changed my life ? I just ordered your cookbook and your expert secrets book, and am now super excited to create this thing called a sales funnel!

  12. Thank you so much for such amazing information!!
    I’m reselling stuff online but the problem is there so many competitors that are selling the same product with a really lower price
    So the idea that came on my mind is making a funnel of the product and driving traffic(targeted correct audience) to my funnel that will lead to my product!
    That would be competition-free selling
    And I could sell with a high price than anyone and make more money!!
    Click funnels is awesome!!

  13. At no point does he explain what a funnel is. It's just a long rambling story about selling a DVD that teaches people how to make a potato gun.

  14. Just like the printer industry. They sell your an affordable printer but expecting you to buy ink cartridges (upsell) in the long run.

  15. Great Video Russell! I like the explanation of sales funnel.. once you understand it, you will never be lost in digital marketing!

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