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Why Are Long Tail Keywords Important For SEO?

Many websites are ordinarily thrown up hastily by their owners, without much consideration given to aright optimising their content. They do some quick research into what keywords they should target based upon the product they wish to sell or niche they want to write about.

More multiplication than not, the resultant keywords they decide to use are what we call short tail keywords e.g. Nike place, coffee machines, baby strollers etc.

These key phrases get millions of searches each calendar month and to a novice, light up dollar signs in their eyes.

The problem with this, is, that the keyword phrases they have definite upon are not really emptor keywords but more generic and really not that great for optimisation of their content. Also they would be competitive against big corporations who have been around for decades and have a great big advertising budget.

You power think that the more searches conducted for a keyword phrase will drive more dealings to your website or blog.

This can not be further from the TRUTH… !

However, in that clause I will explain why this is not so and why you should be using long tail keywords for SEO (search engine optimisation).

  • Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that have a ‘tail’ contributed to the organic keywords entered in an online search which your site visitors make use of (or ask inquiries) when searching the net whether they are simply looking info or to acquire your particular service or product.

Short tail key phrases are generally no more than 1 or 2 words. Long-tail key words are generally a quite a little longer, but far more importantly, they’re likewise a quite a little more specific.

  • So! What is a Long-tail Keyword?

As mentioned above these keywords are expressions hooked up to your main topic. Long tail keywords have a quite a little less competition as people rule them out attributable not enough individuals doing a search for that particular set of words. They are a quite a little simpler to target and constantly produce more emptor friendly web website dealings.

Unlike conventional key words (coffee machines or Nike trainers), long-tail key word expressions are ordinarily 3 words or more and ordinarily no more than 5. They are a direct connection to a keyword phrase that an individual would type into a search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) which will aid in narrowing down their search. These keyword phrases are what you should center and use when optimising your site’s content.

By using Long-tail key words, you will drastically increase the likelihood of your potential client being a emptor. This is compared to using short-tail keywords which will create more search results but not necessarily produce emptors.

  • Long tail keywords examples

Try typewriting “coffee machines” into a search engine, it will return about 16 million sites, but if you type “isomac coffee machines Australia”, only 18 thousand sites are returned. 18 thousand search results are still a little too high. Other experts may go as far to say that the returning search results of 18 thousand is OK. It does attend show that by using more specific keywords, you can cut the competition and improve your chances.

My personal recommendation and preference is to look for search results in the region of ccc to eight thousand. Now this may not always be the case. If you are look local searches then these figures would become extraneous and you could be look just a couple of hundred searches.

As a rule of thumb, when deciding to using local searches anything below 50 searches a calendar month is not worth going after.

It is less complex to get a first page senior also as obtaining web dealings with long tail key word phrases, as compared to short tailed, less specific keyword phrases.

  • Other Long tail examples:

baby wrap carrier Australia

types of tea without caffein

caffein free tea types

cheap Nike place wholesale free shipping

  • Long tail keywords SEO (search engine optimisation)

Targeting Long Tail phrases is a must for SEO purposes and also to help you get your business or blog indexed faster, as a result of less competitors and it’s more than likely you get seen by the right audience i.e. clients who are ready to buy from you. You should also use this scheme for your site’s content, your blog, your videos, your website design, also as your off page optimisation strategies.

  • Long-tail SEO Strategy

Search Engines are becoming ever more individualized which is why it is very important to concentrate on long-tail keywords in your SEO campaigns.

  • How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO?

There are many different ways of locating long tail keywords. You could possibly use keyword research tools or you can even spy on your competition to come up with unique keywords that no one is using.

Below are some the tools I use to find long tail keywords:

Google Keyword Tool

Google Auto Complete Tool

Using Google Search

Google Auto-suggest

Finally, when conducting research into which keywords you are going to use, remember that you should be eyeing phases which comprehend between 3 to 5 words concerned your main topic. They are narrow and emptor specific. And in conclusion have less searches.

I hope this clarifies what long tail keywords are and why they are need for your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Important For SEO?

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