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Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is A Home Business Owners Best Friend

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of those terms that had me bamboozled for months. Just what was it, and how did it connect with network marketing? Why was everyone talking about it on my home business training calls, and in emails that I got from various “in-the-know” marketing gurus?

There are wads of ways to explain the term, but the aspect of SEO that concerns “Joe Home Business Owner” is how to use it to rank well on Google or on other search engines that “crawl” through much amounts of information posted on the Internet. Since every home business owner is busy advertising their website and paying money to do so, the purpose of SEO is to help you get the most bang for your buck when you market your business online.

The more information hooks and connections you have creating a “web” around your “website” (get it?) the more at issue your website appears to the search engines. Search engines like relevance, and when they like your site, they give it priority higher-ranking. That means more people will see your ad and click on it.

To create this spidering effect, a network marketer inevitably to have at issue content so find other sources of at issue content to link to it. This is done by direct golf links that you can produce, or by using keywords that attract people searching for information that is available on your home business website. Each visit counts as a “hit” and is tabulated on the search engine matrix.

When soul visits your website, their visit is noted by the search engines in their higher-ranking profile. (It’s like having a automaton transcription your every move!) Getting other people to link to your site via social networks, blogging, etc, is called “back linking.” But without at issue information and the right keywords, that is not likely to happen. That’s why learning to write at issue text is so extremely important.

To summarize, SEO is a process by which at issue information supported by at issue keyword density should produce duple back-golf links and spidering to your website. This raises the rank of your ad (where it appears on the page on Google) so you can possibly by pass your competition, even without having to invite advertising. That’s the goal for savvy network marketers, but it’s not an easy mark to hit if you don’t understand the grandness of keyword density and relevance. Without SEO you are destined to pay top dollar for all of your advertising and will probably blast through your home business budget before you get off the ground. So do yourself a favor and learn the advantages of using an SEO approach for all of your advertising.

As a new home business owner SEO didn’t show au courant my network marketing microwave radar screen. There were enough other aspects of owning a home business to keep me occupied, so I just unheeded it. Now I see how important it is to leverage my marketing efforts with SEO techniques. I suggest you do the same!

Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is A Home Business Owners Best Friend

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